- Abu Dhabi is the Best City to Live in – Results of International Rating

Abu Dhabi is the Best City to Live in – Results of International Rating

Abu Dhabi is the Best City to Live in – Results of International Rating

The latest Top Cities Index rated Abu Dhabi, the heart of the UAE, second best city to reside in, launch the business and have a comfortable life. It has left behind London and Paris. New York tops the list. Other major cities comprising the top ten include Tokyo, Amsterdam, Rome, Los Angeles, Zurich, and Sydney.

The rating was completed on the basis of interviews with people aged 16-64 living in 26 countries of the world. About 18 000 people took part in the survey. According to the report, New York and Abu Dhabi have very high scores regarding doing business but have lower scores in terms of a place to reside in. Paris was chosen as the best tourist destination but has lower scores as a location to do business in.

Tokyo and London, in their turn, have similar scores according to the three basic criteria (doing business, living in and visiting a place as a tourist). Sidney and Zurich were selected as the best places to live in. As for Abu Dhabi, 21% of respondents rated it as the best city for the launch of the business. It was rated truly high by the representatives of Generations X and Z.

The same survey was conducted in 2013. The list was headed by New York, just like in 2017 while Abu Dhabi has improved its position – in 2013 it was rated fourth. Amsterdam didn’t make it to the top ten in 2013 is ranked 14. The positions of other cities in the top ten of 2017 haven’t changed much.

The fact that the position of Abu Dhabi has improved in comparison with 2013 didn’t come as a surprise. The government has been long investing into the development of the city. This rating is the confirmation that efforts of the authorities are directed into the correct area. Abu Dhabi is becoming not only an important business hub but also the tourist destination and the place to live in.

It is especially remarkable that Abu Dhabi has become the choice of younger generations. This is the result of permanent investment into innovations. The city is becoming increasingly diversified. The authorities of Abu Dhabi hope that the position of the city will improve again in the upcoming years.

All this data indicates that Abu Dhabi’s future looks very secure and promising. It is the great destination to work and live in as well as go to as a traveler.