- The Future Comes Today! Dubai Launches Flights on Electric Aircrafts

The Future Comes Today! Dubai Launches Flights on Electric Aircrafts

The Future Comes Today! Dubai Launches Flights on Electric Aircrafts

World resources of oil products are limited, so sooner or later fossil fuels will end. Besides, the constant combustion of hydrocarbons leads to negative consequences for the environment; therefore, in recent years, we have witnessed a tendency to switch from internal combustion engines to electric motors. But if progress can already be seen in the field of automobile transport, the aviation is clearly lagging in this regard, but soon everything will change. To a large extent, Dubai has gained its worldwide fame thanks to the active introduction of cutting edge technologies. It can surely be called the city of the future. And in terms of the transition to electric transport, it also seeks to be ahead of the whole planet.

Thus, according to the CEO of Jetex Flight Support, Mr. Adele Mardini, private electric planes will become a reality in the country as early as 2020. One of the main problems on the way of the widespread introduction of electric transport is the deficiency of the necessary infrastructure, primarily charging stations. They plan to solve this problem here by implementing the promising American startup Wright Electric. Also, work is underway to attract foreign investment in the production of electric private business jets. And although modern electric planes cannot yet boast a significant flight range (only about 500 km), they are quite suitable for flights on a short distance. Wright Electric and EasyJet actively work on a joint project; its purpose was to develop electric airliners that can carry up to 180 passengers over a distance of 500 km. It is expected that the first flights of electric air transport will connect Dubai with the cities of Muscat and Salalah (Oman).

The project managers set an ambitious goal – to reduce to zero air emissions on short flights over the next 20 years. Besides, the new electric planes are much quieter and cheaper than their fuel counterparts. The future lies with electric jets, and the future begins today.