- Bank loans for business in Dubai, UAE

Bank loans for business in Dubai, UAE

Bank loans for business in Dubai, UAE – such loans may be provided to the business which is to be effectively located in UAE, for example, construction of production or logistics facilities. The list of required documents, evidently, depends on the type of the loan, type of the business and the availability of pledges and securities. First of all, for a positive decision, the bank requires proof of the customer’s solvency in repaying the loan, as well the possible available pledges for the loan.

Main parameters and documents which are required for the loan are as follows:

  • Business-plan.
  • Availability of guarantees / securities.
  • Providing prompt payment of the loan - Preliminary contract sales of end products, availability of additional financial reserves, etc.
  • Experience of business owners in this business area.
  • Experience of managers in this business area.
  • Balance of the company for the last 2-3 years and its financial results.
  • If the company in UAE is new – the balance of parent, directly or not directly affiliated, company, or of an another company of the project owners.

It should be noted that the above parameters and documents are absolutely averaged and can differ significantly depending on the type of project and its structure.