- Dubai – the best place for life and business

Dubai – the best place for life and business

Dubai. A miracle that emerged in record time. Cosmopolitan city with amazing infrastructure and business opportunities. City for a comfortable life and work. A place where 90% of the population are foreigners who have come to the country to live and work.

Why Dubai is so good for life and business? Safety, comfort, quality of life, a liberal policy towards foreigners, comprehensive business opportunities in the absence of taxes, a favorable environment for the upbringing and education of children and a fairly simple procedure of obtaining a residency in Dubai, entitling holders to live and work in this country.

Housing in Dubai? Available for any budget and any preferences: economy class housing in the modern residential areas,  high-quality middle class housing in the modern multistory buildings with swimming pools, fitness – centers, or accommodations in villas, located in green areas, with complete infrastructure, parks, swimming pools. Those who value comfort, can opt for the pent-houses and large apartments of the “first line” at the sea, villas in the outskirts of golf courses. All of these this you can either rent or buy, besides, in most cases there are no restrictions on the nationality of buyers.

Restaurants, shopping centers? Dubai has everything for every taste and budget – from cheap restaurants and shopping centers with a very good value for money to top-class restaurants and commodities of all the most famous brands.

Cars? We can only say that the choice is much greater and average cost of vehicles is much less expensive than in most countries due to the absence of import duties. It is worth just come once in Dubai to prove this to yourself. Here you can see several cars of prestigious brands – Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, standing at a traffic light on a small street. It’s not a coincidence, but a norm, as there is plenty of really good cars in Dubai. The price of petrol, compared with ones in other developed countries, is obviously an additional benefit for local car owners.

In addition to the above, Dubai has and can offer much more for comfortable life and prosperous business.

According to the results of the annual relative comparison of quality of life in various cities around the world Dubai is considered as the best city to live and work among the cities of the Middle East for the third consecutive year. These results were obtained by comparing the different indicators, which include the indices of comfort and business opportunities, stability and development prospects of the economy, the quality of health and education sectors, the quality of communication and transport, security and human rights, as well as components of the culture and opportunities for leisure.

It is understandable why, in the opinion of many experts, Dubai is the best place for life and business:

  • Business Opportunities
  • Absence of Taxes
  • Well-developed Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Quality of Education
  • Availability of Comfortable Housing
  • Cultural Component
  • Economic Stability


Visit Dubai and see everything yourself! In order to find out how you can start your own business in Dubai and obtain residence permit in UAE, please contact our consultants and make an appointment for a free first hour consultation. We will be happy to answer your questions.