- Opening a representative office / branch company in Dubai, UAE

Opening a representative office / branch company in Dubai, UAE

The United Arab Emirates – Dubai and other Emirates in UAE are of special interest for opening daughter companies and branches of foreign companies.

There is a number of reasons for it. Amongst these are: new opportunities for business, favorable taxation, geographical advantages, convenient and reliable tax system etc.

Also, if you decide to perform your business activity in the Emirates, opening of a daughter company/ branch of your existing company becomes absolutely inevitable for working in Dubai, UAE.

When opening a branch/representative office, various questions arise. It is especially linked to the specifics of the corporate law in UAE, stipulating the opportunity of registering different types of companies in different Emirates often having distinct statuses and possibilities for permitted business activity.

Today, there are a huge number of companies present in Dubai, UAE from different countries each and every with its own specialization. A significant number of those companies are branches and daughter companies of foreign companies, whereby their number continues to grow year by year.

Often, there is a misconception about the requirement of a local partner with 51% shares involved in a company in Dubai, UAE that is registered as a legal entity or a branch. That is not the case, since a significant number of businesses can be registered with a full 100% participation by foreign shareholders. The local partner is required only in narrowly specialized areas and cases. These areas are mostly specificaly regulated businesses such as tourism or real estate in the country.

When registering a company in UAE as a branch or representative office, a number of questions arise, for example, the choice of company’s type, its registration location (a particular Emirate), its Free Trade Zone. Also, the necessary documents preparation is required for company registration, the registration itself, obtaining of license, application for residency visas for employees and business owners etc.

Our company has a strong experience in legal support when opening a branch for different companies with different business activity such as trade, consulting, industrial, telecommunications, tourism, holding etc. We also provide support in market research of various business segments of UAE, which is inevitable when making a decision of opening a branch of your company abroad.