- The alternative to offshore companies in Dubai

The alternative to offshore companies in Dubai

The alternative to offshore companies in DubaiThe offshore companies, being very popular solution, are getting evermore difficult to use in international business.

The alternative to offshore companies is the onshore companies in Free Trade Zones of UAE. The registration of such company does not take long and it can be owned by foreign citizens and companies.

Such companies can fulfill all 3 criteria for its tax residency:

  • registration in the country
  • real office in the country
  • management in the country

Even though such companies can be tax resident in UAE these companies are taxed at the rate of 0%.

For that reason, companies in Dubai, UAE are attractive and probably the only alternatives to the offshore companies in the world. In many countries where the offshore companies are registered, they lose their privileges in terms of taxation at a low or 0% rate as soon as they start to perform business activity inside the country and rent offices or take personnel on the territory of those countries. These regulations do not apply to the UAE onshore companies.

Such company in Dubai, UAE can have real office and personnel inside the country and obtain the tax residency certificate and the certificate for refunding the VAT in other countries.

Dubai is the reputable and recognized jurisdiction, having no trite offshore reputation, providing very favorable conditions for doing international business, which makes it a perfect alternative to other countries.