- Offshore company Dubai free zone – what is it?

Offshore company Dubai free zone – what is it?

Free zone stands for the location of the place of UAE offshore company registration – means that the company is registered in one of free trade zones of UAE.

Offshore company – means the special status of the company in such free zone.

Offshore free zone company means the company registered in free zone, but, unlike the free zone onshore company, all the activities of free zone offshore company must be outside of UAE only (with exception of purchase of real estate in UAE and holding of shares of other companies in UAE).

Offshore company Dubai free zone can have bank account in Dubai, but can not have real office in UAE. It does not provide the option to receive over such company residency visas in United Arab Emirates either.

It is impossible to convert the free zone offshore company into onshore company. Offshore free zone company has totally different status, legal documents and applicable regulations.

Difference offshore – onshore

The main difference of onshore and offshore free zone company set up is as follows:

  • Onshore company Emirates can have business inside UAE whereby offshore – not.
  • Onshore – real office in UAE possible, offshore – not permitted to have real office in Emirates
  • Onshore – residency visas over such company – possible, offshore – not.
  • Costs – onshore free zone company costs start from USD 8.500,- and higher whereby offshore company Dubai free zone costs are less.
  • Audit – onshore – must prepare Audit. Offshore – not.

Similarities of both company types:

  • Taxation is at 0% for both types of companies

– vat 5%

– corporate tax 0%

– withholding tax 0%

  • Foreign ownership is possible up to 100%
  • No limitations on citizenship or residency of company shareholders and directors
  • Both types can have bank accounts in UAE or abroad

What is the company type I need – offshore or onshore?

You need the most cost efficient solution, residency visas and office in UAE are not required, all activities can be outside of UAE – offshore company Dubai is the best solution.

If one of the terms above is to be fulfilled (business inside UAE, visas required, office required)– onshore company is necessary. On onshore companies – there is a large number of such with very different requirements, costs, licenses etc. So, if you need onshore company, contact us – what would be the planned activities of the company, office or other company premises requirements and number of visas – and we would define for you the correct and most cost-efficient company type and provide complete assistance in its incorporation. You can contact us over e-mail, phone, or request the call back.

If offshore company Dubai is sufficient – see steps to follow in the next paragraph.

How to register offshore company Dubai free zone and what are the advantages of it?

  1. Call us or send us request that you wish to register offshore free zone company,
  2. We send you the additional details you may require on the UAE offshore company, price quote and company order form.
  3. Send us back filled order form together with the copies of the required documents:
  4. We prepare the company documents and you can sign them and send us over post or visit our office for signing the forms in personal.
  5. As soon as we have all the required documents, the respective payment for the company incorporation and the company incorporation documents signed by you we file the UAE offshore company to companies registry and the company is ready in 3 to 5 business days, express registration – 48 hours.
  6. The offshore company Dubai free zone documents can be sent by post or collected in our office by you or your empowered representative in person.


Our office working hours are Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:30 Dubai time.

Fridays and Saturdays are week-ends in UAE.

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