- Offshore company registration , UAE – A to Z service provider for offshore companies in Dubai, UAE

RAK Offshore company registration , UAE – A to Z service provider for offshore companies in Dubai, UAE

One of the most popular and cost-effective types of companies in UAE – is offshore company registered in one of the Tax Free Trade Zones of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

Companies registered in Tax Free Trade Zones have 100% foreign ownership.

Shareholders of such companies can be also physical as well as legal persons.

RAK Offshore company registration can be used almost for all types of commercial activities.

RAK Offshore company (RAK) – is the company registered in Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone is not paying any taxes in UAE and does not need to submit audit report.

UAE is not included into any one of so-called “offshore lists,” thus any kind of business activity has no limitations. Therefore, RAK Offshore company registration favorably differs from other classic offshore jurisdictions.

RAK Offshore company formation, UAE, may perform any business activities except: banking, and insurance. These companies also are also not permitted to manage third party funds.

At the same time, these companies may open Dubai bank account in UAE banks as well as in banks other countries.

RAK Offshore company registration (RAK) is suitable for the following activities: export -import, investment, consulting, trade, ownership of the shares of other companies, registration of intellectual property rights, protection of assets, inheritance, etc.

Benefits of RAK Offshore company registration (RAK) are 100% shares ownership by non-residents, zero taxes, no residency limitations for directors and shareholders, a possibility to open bank accounts in all Emirates as well as doing business in all other countries.

The following requirements apply for a company registered in RAK:

  • Registered office.
  • Registered agentю
  • unable to do business inside the UAE.
  • Availability of at least one director and one shareholder, may be same person.

The RAK company name must be ending by Incorporated or Limited.

Share capital of RAK company is AED 1.000, – . Payment of share capital is not required.

RAK Offshore company registration usually takes about 3-5 working days. Express registration – 48 hours.

The following requirements apply for RAK company registration in Tax Free Trade Zone:

  • reservation of company name in the Companies Registrar .
  • Preparation of documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Minutes of the first Meeting, Share Certificates, Resolution of issue of Share Certificate, stamp.

All of these steps and the preparation of documents are provided by our company as the Registered Agent of Ras Al Khaimah offshore companies.

In order to register such company the customer must provide passport copy, recent utility bill and a bank reference letter.

These documents must be submitted either in English or translated into English.

RAK Offshore company in UAE is subject to annual renewal including governmental charges, professional fee of registered agent and registered address for such company.

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