- What we offer

What we offer

Professionalism and quality – experienced multinational professional team ensures high quality task performance at all levels. Our quality is backed up and evidenced by all professional licenses in Dubai and the status of the official registered agent in the United Arab Emirates. We are also members of German-Arab and Swiss-Arab chambers of commerce.

Reasonable and transparent prices – every proposal is supported by a detailed costs breakdown including all particulars.

Guarantees and punctuality – prior to starting the work, we inform about all necessary steps and stages for the target objectives and ensure their timely execution.

Provision of thorough and complete information – the more questions a client asks at the beginning the better. Having got all answers to your questions at the beginning, you will feel confident which is what makes our mutual collaboration comfortable.

Taking into account of all requirements – prior to the start of work, we collect complete information about all possible requirements for a company in order to identify all important aspects when choosing a type of company, necessary licenses and permits.

Provision of information during the process of project execution – we regularly and timely inform clients about the status at all stages of execution of work.

Confidentiality and security – provision of maximum confidentiality and security of information and confidential knowledge at all levels of our company.

Full package of services for your company – we provide a full administrative support after the registration: renewal of licenses and permits, renewal of residency visas, audit report submission, obtaining of further permissions as well as legal support.