- Largest airport in the world – Dubai, UAE

Largest airport in the world – Dubai, UAE

Largest airport in the world – Dubai, UAEDubai International Airport’s footfall has improved by leaps and bounds in the first quarter of this year, as it surpassed its own record number in passengers and overtook no other than London Heathrow airport by almost 3 million passengers. This is a major step forward towards the status of the busiest airport in the world, because not that long ago, Heathrow, Hong Kong and Paris were in the lead for the world’s busiest hubs, but Dubai has just leaped over them all.

The official statements from all mentioned airports confirm Dubai to be the busiest spot for international travelers. This has also reflected on the number of companies registered in Dubai, as ever more people from all over the world come to the conclusion that Dubai is a perfectly secure place for living and doing business.

The present state of Dubai’s aviation industry can be ascribed to favorable business policies and highly sophisticated infrastructure, the propitious environment of which has won over more than a hundred new airline companies now operating in Dubai. Aside from the Emirates Airline with its 375 jets, carrying yearly more than 40 million passengers to more than 140 destinations, the FlyDubai which is another carrier for shorter distances has triggered the demand for even more traffic, adding 28 new destinations to the airport’s schedule, thereby increasing the number of passengers by 38%, as more and more people come to Dubai to live and/or set up their own businesses on Dubai’s flourishing soil.

Oxford Economics forecast revealed that by 2020, Dubai’s aviation will have grown its GDP by 32% and created almost 400 thousand new jobs, an increase of 22% of Dubai’s employment market. The efficient air network is what gives Dubai an opportunity to draw investments and be the leading city of the world.