- The opportunities and advantages of setting up a factory / production and other business in UAE.

The opportunities and advantages of setting up a factory / production and other business in UAE.

The opportunities and advantages of setting up a factory production  and other business in UAEUAE has created the ideal conditions for very different business areas. The opportunities and the main advantages of setting up various companies including factories / production plants with various business activities are:

  • Full exemption from corporate taxes – VAT, income tax, tax on dividends.
  • Exemption from customs duties on import and export of goods, spare parts and components.
  • Inexpensive basic labor force with working schedule 6 days per week.
  • No trade unions – those are prohibited by the state regulations.
  • Exemption from social, pension and tax deductions.
  • Moderate cost of energy.
  • Full infrastructure – roads, premises of any type, land plots, offices.
  • Solid logistics – hassle-free delivery of materials and spare parts as well as ready-made products to companies and buyers.
  • Convenient access to very different markets including rapidly growing markets of the region and African countries.

No need for a local partner, as the company can be fully owned by foreign citizens, whereby such company can have a partial or full production cycle in UAE with production premises, equipment and staff.

The staff can be hired from the local market teeming with professionals at all levels and from very different countries. Obviously, there is an option to bring your own personnel without any problems in terms of getting work permits.

There is a high number of international enterprises with very different business directions from various countries which transferred substantial parts of their business to UAE. The number is growing year on year.

This ensues for a number of undeniable advantages of UAE based on a wide range of parameters, in light of evermore negative changes for business in most of other countries, including Europe.

The negative changes in many countries including Russia and Europe are: tax increase and rigid control on tax collection, virtually cancelling out the tax optimization options, setup of rigorous additional regulations on companies’ safety and compliance with the requirements for the environment, equipment and employment, various limitations and regulatory notes and terms for employees’ rights etc. Many of those changes are patently absurd to be frank and makes doing business in Europe very difficult or virtually impossible.  

Should your company make a decision to set up  a factory / production facility in UAE, our company, if needed, has full infrastructure for a startup as well as support of all types of businesses in UAE. In the last 2 years our company has given support for startups of business in UAE to over 200 clients from very different countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Italy, Hong-Kong, India, Singapore, China, Great Britain, Qatar etc.

Some of the clients also apply the solution of their production work in combination, means they transfer only some of the blocks of the production chain to the territory of UAE, whereby these blocks are those with the main energy sources and labor force expenses and allowing for the main profit to accumulate in UAE.

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