- Best bank in Dubai for international business

Best bank in Dubai for international business

Best bank in Dubai for international business

International business of any type is impossible without the availability of a reliable and efficiently operating bank. Such a bank should provide the option to administer accounts via the Internet, to ensure the reliability and to provide all the necessary banking services for business.

At the same time, opening of an account in foreign banks becomes more and more challenging. Even if you already have an account in a foreign bank, which has been operating already for a long time, you have probably faced various difficulties in work, especially in the last 2-3 years. The number of the different requirements of the banks has increased significantly, and in some cases the volume of documents, which are required by the banks has become prohibitively extensive.

And some of you have probably faced a situation, when a bank had closed or announced that in the nearest future it will close your account, if you would not keep on the account the significant balance, which, depending on the bank, can vary from a half of a million to several million dollars, or if you will not fulfil the other bank requirements.

When opening a bank account in Dubai, you will certainly be required to provide the necessary documents – the documents of the company, letter of recommendation from another bank and some others. But the volume of the documents, which are required by the banks in the UAE, is relatively minor, and it does not cause any difficulties to provide such.

Bank accounts in Dubai are the ideal solution for almost every type of international business: trade, online services, commissions, logistics, etc. In fact, the offer of the banking sector in Dubai is one of the best in the world. Banks will provide everything necessary: administration via the Internet, bank guarantees, credit cards, cheque-books, etc.

Dubai offers both the reputable local and the large international banks – it depends on your wishes. On average, the minimal balance of bank accounts in Dubai, the UAE, is significantly lower than in the other countries.

What also distinguishes Dubai favorably – is that you can register your company in Dubai (onshore or offshore) and to open an account for it. In this case, the company will be fully exempted from taxation.

To open a bank account it is enough for you to come to Dubai just for 1 day. Besides, if you will decide to open both a company in Dubai and a bank account, remember, that we have established a process in such a way that only a 1 day presence in Dubai is enough to sign all the documents for registering a company and for opening an account.

And, undoubtedly, bank account in Dubai is the reliability which is backed up by a stable economy. The contingency fund of the country is one of the largest in the world, what makes the banks in Dubai reputable and, in fact, the best. The banks have huge reserves and possess positive image by your partners and other banks.

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