- Why Dubai is the best place for investments

Why Dubai is the best place for investments

Why Dubai is the best place for investments

Half a century ago Dubai started developing from the usual settlement into the prospective and profitable market for the modern commercial and residential properties. The UAE is rightfully considered one of the best countries in terms of level of living. This country owns more than 10% of oil reserves of the entire world. The profits, coming from the oil sector, became the great push to the active development of the infrastructure and the economy as the whole.

Today Dubai has radically revised its economic policy, and is actively developing its trade relations and the other sectors of the economy. For example, the modern tourism sector brings to the state 14% of GDP, while the global average index is just 9%. It gives the understanding of why Dubai is the best place for investments. Dubai has an impact on the rapid development of the UAE. The large financial flows, which allow the Dubai authorities to start investing into the new projects and to improve the existing infrastructure, create the environment of the comfortable life for the investors from all around the world.

Why Dubai is the best place for investments? It is impossible to give a definite answer because there are many positive factors that had influence the development of the UAE. The first is the geographical location of Dubai. It is a very good location for goods and money flows. There are modern airports, transport connectivity with many cities of the world, very well-developed infrastructure, a fairly high standard of living, superior and qualified service, well-organized work of the government bodies, favorable climate and much more. All this together has a positive impact on the development of the local market of the commercial and residential real estate, including the construction of hotel complexes, business centers and various infrastructure facilities. Let's evaluate the main factors which make Dubai a best place for investments.

State tax policy.

The main advantage of Dubai for the potential investors and companies, who already work in this market, is the provision of the tax free relationships by the state. The state has created special Free Trade Economic Zones for investors on the territory of which there are no taxes on the income of individuals and on the profits of corporations and companies. Such approach provides the effective attraction of the highly qualified personnel into the region. Today there are more than 70 such zones, which provide business with benefits. Among the special conditions for investors there is protection of the property rights and the complete absence of the restrictions on movement and repatriation of the financial assets. In this light it becomes clear why Dubai is the best place for the investments for a lot of large transnational corporations, and almost each of them already has their representative office in Dubai.

Infrastructure and geographical position.

The well-organized infrastructure of Dubai and great accessibility of the city for passenger traffic attracts the large number of guests and tourists into the country. Today there is the increasing volume of the investments into public transport, and the main project is the Dubai metro. This project is the longest railway chain  without drivers in the world. Metro provides the comfortable and fast transportation to all the parts of the city, and in addition there are special services of taxi, buses, trams and water routes. The increase in the investments in the infrastructure and public transport provides an active development of the other economic sectors.

Possibilities in Dubai provide businessmen with the unlimited investment prospects. Nowadays, when a lot of countries have not still recovered from the effects of the financial crisis, Dubai looks ahead with confidence and extends its power. Dubai is the best place for investments and it is proved by the actual economic situation in the country. Dubai rightfully deserves the status of the regional business center and the most popular place for holidays. Today a lot of new large-scale projects, which attract new investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world, are launched in Dubai.

Conditions for foreign investors.

After the UAE had entered the international level, the foreign citizens were allowed to acquire property in the UAE, what became the invitation for the investors from all over the world. The active economic growth has become an impetus for adoption of the necessary regulations, which establishes the right of ownership and provides protection. Such a loyal and friendly state policy caused a revolution in the domestic real estate market. And for the foreign investors the new opportunities to increase the profits had opened up. The fact that Dubai is the best place for investments is proved by the studies of the many economic organizations, which acknowledge consistently that Dubai is the most attractive place for foreign investors. The Dubai market develops and prospers while maintaining the relative stability. This situation is caused by the existing demand for the residential and commercial premises, the development of the tourism industry, stable labor market and active growth of the population in the country.

Add an azure sea, superb modern beaches and the high and safe standard of living in the country to all what was mentioned above and you will get the answer to the question of why is Dubai is the best place for investments. Excellent climatic conditions and advantageous location make the country extremely popular for living, working and holidays.

It is here is the country which created the perfect climate for foreign investors.