- Things You Should Know about the Changing Company Address in the UAE

Things You Should Know about the Changing Company Address in the UAE

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The registered company office address (place of registration) is called company domicile or registered address. This legal company address must be located either in the country where business is registered. There is also a difference between the registered office and the real business address. The registered office is the place where the company's official address is, and business address is the place where the real business is situated. The registered and business address can be the same or different. According to laws and regulations, the specific procedure shall be followed for changing the place of incorporation of a company/changing of its registered address. Such transfer can also happen with the change/transfer of country of domicile of a company to the territory of another jurisdiction (such process is called redomiciliation). If there is no such mechanism in the legislation of the country of registration, then to transfer the registered address of a company to another country, one must first close the company in one jurisdiction and then open it in another, and these are entirely different legal entities. In this article we consider the issue of changing the registered address of the company and moving it into the jurisdictions of the UAE and how does it goes.

What is the need to change the legal address of the company?

The reasons that make business owners to change the registered address of their companies may be different. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Tax optimization;
  • Search for jurisdictions with more loyal reporting and auditing requirements;
  • Entering a new market with minimal investment.
  • Transition to a jurisdiction with optimal infrastructure (warehouses, ports, land, transport);
  • Access to more skilled labor market.

How to change company registered address to the UAE?

In order to officially move to the UAE, a foreign company can apply for redomiciliation to the authority of one of the UAE free zones, or another appropriate government body in the mainland territory. This is done if a foreign company wants to continue its existence in the UAE under the current name and with the existing structure. To do this, one must submit an application in the form prescribed by the Registrar. This application should include:

  • Company name and place of current registration.
  • The address of the future place of business in the UAE.
  • The description of the nature of the company's business.
  • Resolution on company address changing;
  • Copies of documents of the director, shareholders, and managers of the company.
  • Any statements, certifications, information, documents or evidence that the Registrar may require.

Company relocation process

The process of changing the address of the company takes place in two main stages: exit from the current jurisdiction and registration in the new jurisdiction.

Leaving current jurisdiction Entering new jurisdiction
  • It is necessary to prepare all the documentation (unless, of course, local legislation implies such an opportunity) in accordance with local legislation – you need to submit financial statements as well as an annual report on the main indicators of business activity.
  • Be sure to close all trials (if the company participates in them in one form or another).
  • Provide a certificate of the welfare of the legal entity and documents confirming the powers of officials and authorized representatives, as well as the approved resolution of the board of directors on the change of address.
  • To register in a new jurisdiction, this company must provide a set of documents: reports, licenses, certificates, memorandum, and resolution. Such a company is issued a temporary certificate of redomiciliation, which allows this legal entity to extend its business on its own terms.
  • Such a company should provide a document confirming that the legal entity is no longer within the legal field of its previous jurisdiction, is not subject to the laws of the previous jurisdiction, and after that, a company receives a certificate of redomiciliation in the UAE.

After the address changing process is completed, a company starts working under the new conditions

  • This company controls all assets and all its property;
  • Changing the legal address of the company does not release it from responding to previous obligations;

If you have questions regarding the change of the address of your company and transfer it to one of the jurisdictions of the UAE, please contact us, our experts will help you quickly solve your problems.