- Dubai Opera House - a new cultural complex in Dubai

Dubai Opera House - a new cultural complex in Dubai

Dubai Opera House - a new cultural complex in Dubai

Construction of a multipurpose cultural complex is carried out in one city district of the Dubai megalopolis. As stated by the authors of the project, this structure, in terms of its volume and scale, can compete with the worldwide famous opera house in Sydney. Dubai Opera House is the specialized structure, which construction is carried out in a city district Opera District (Downtown Dubai). On the preliminary draft, the capacity of the opera hall is about 2 thousand people, and its completion is expected by the beginning of 2016.

Engineering genius, or a unique and multipurpose structure

The construction of the opera house will serve as a central object of a cultural district of the megalopolis. It is necessary to note the broad functionality of the structure – it can be used for staging plays and operas, orchestral performances, organization of the thematic exhibitions, solo concerts, international sporting events, and much more. The main goal of the project is the development and improvement of the cultural life of the Emirate of Dubai.

The possibilities of the diverse use of the opera complex are due to its architectural and technological features. In particular, using special mechanisms, the opera hall can be easily transformed into a concert or theater hall. The changes are made by adding individual elements in building construction. Special hydraulic mechanisms in a matter of minutes will transform a chamber opera house into a room for concerts of pop stars and etc.

Additionally, it is assumed that there will be a mobile stage in the opera hall, which can be assembled at any moment and transformed into the banquet or conference room. Thus, the opera house in Dubai is the multipurpose facility that can serve a variety of functions.

Tourist component and urban infrastructure

The city district Opera District is located in the most famous and picturesque part of the megalopolis, directly opposite the world-famous skyscraper Burj Khalifa. It is here that the tourists are offered incredible show with dancing fountains, where tons of water are thrown up with light and music accompaniment.

As reported by the authorities of the Emirate, this city district shows a view of the prospects for cultural and spiritual growth. The universal opera complex is intended to bring together the local talents and to promote the cultural exchange with the other countries and states. In fact, the city district is the urban complex which comprises residential apartments and hotel space, shopping mall and entertainment venues, parks and promenades, design studios and other cultural institutions. In addition, the complex must diversify the leisure and cultural life of the residents of the capital of the Emirate.

The central part of this infrastructural complex is allocated for the construction of the Dubai Opera House, which will become the main decoration of the city district. The unique construction will not only help to strengthen the reputation of the regional cultural centre, but also will have a positive impact on the development of the tourism industry of the Emirate. It is already known that the Dubai Opera House will be home to the Dubai Art Season international festival of art. This event is held in Dubai every year, starting from 2014, and it is a real centre of local talents and art representatives.

The complex infrastructure also includes additional buildings – these are Museum buildings, a music school, two extensive libraries, art galleries, an outdoor theater hall, a yacht quay and a luxurious hotel complex (six stars). The exposition of the museums will be dedicated to art and the rich cultural heritage of the Arab people. The total area of the exhibition halls and art galleries exceeds 5 thousand square meters. International experts have already compared the exhibition halls with the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Dubai Opera House – the design concept of the complex

The design concept of the opera complex encompasses traditional Arab motifs and images. The external appearance of the complex is inspired by the endless sand dunes and ancient mountain ranges. The basis of the design solution is a traditional Arab sailing vessel Dhow.

Growing up in the midst of a desert, the construction of the Dubai Opera House is like a part of the surrounding landscape and complements the picturesque reliefs. The whole complex is a harmonious allocation of major buildings, open areas, parks, and alleys. Among the additional urban transport infrastructure one can single out car parking and monorail, which also blend perfectly with the overall view of the complex.

The Dubai Opera House is crowned with two independent towers, which give the building its original appearance. These towers, like sand dunes, smoothly flow down and touch the ground. The complex is designed in the form of the toothed arches and has three separate entrances, which are designed for guests and visitors of the theatre. The first floor of the complex is designed for VIP parking, and also for drama and opera theatre, all this is connected with an art gallery by a spacious corridor.

There are unique balcony blocks above each level, which seem to float in the air and serve a great addition to the aerial image of the complex. It should be noted that the balconies offer incredible views. The balconies and halls in foyer are interconnected, that creates the illusion of natural voids and air spaces.


The unique structure of the Dubai Opera House has no analogues not only in the Middle East, but in the whole world. It is a truly ingenious solution of the modern engineers and builders. The Government of the Emirate of Dubai has once again amazed the entire world by a large-scale and grand project. It is noteworthy that the Government of the Emirate is concerned not only about the welfare of the nation, but cherishes its cultural values and integrates them successfully into the global culture.