- Gulf Cooperation Cities Rating – Dubai is on Top of the List

Gulf Cooperation Cities Rating – Dubai is on Top of the List

Gulf Cooperation Cities Rating – Dubai is on Top of the List

The main advantages of Dubai are its human resources and the dynamic entrepreneurial environment. No wonder it was called the most “cosmopolitan city” in the Persian Gulf.

According to the report, Dubai has the highest growth potential among the GCC cities. It is number one in terms of strategic planning for the future and continues to benefit from its current features while it is expected to grow and thrive in the upcoming years.

Dubai’s future looks secure. A new industrial strategy program has been recently launched. It aims to transform the city into a global platform for enterprises based on knowledge and innovation.

Kuwait is Dubai’s strong rival. It has significant human resources too, primarily due to the current political stability and improvements in the healthcare system and infrastructure.

In the worldwide index, New York and Paris have still kept their positions at the top of the list. Future ratings are, however, are quite unpredictable. Although London is still number one, things can change after Brexit. Melbourne, San Francisco and Geneva can soon take leading positions and cause the change of an existing landscape.

The world is developing rapidly. This leads to growing needs of people and society. Economic growth and competition are increasingly important at the world arena. Obviously, each city is unique, and if it wants to participate in this game, it has to remain one and only emphasizing its distinctions.

According to the rating, the UAE scored 10th in terms of quality of life and is one of the most affluent countries of the globe to start a career. This makes the UAE the great state to work and reside in.