- Moving to Dubai – what you need to know

Moving to Dubai – what you need to know

Moving to Dubai – what you need to know

The Emirate of Dubai is a popular business and tourist destination that attracts people from all over the world. As of today, expats constitute 80% of the total population of the Emirate of Dubai. Here you can meet people from any country of the globe.

It means that Dubai is a great place for making new friends and building sustainable business partnerships. Besides, the Emirate provides the other attractive advantages and opportunities.

When it comes to the question of receiving residency for moving to this country, it should be noted that the appropriate procedure is quite simple and is not associated with considerable difficulties. However, those who want to move to Dubai need to know about some requirements that must be fulfilled.

It is important that you take into account that there are 2 fast and efficient ways of obtaining a residency permit, in particular:

  • Over buying property;
  • Over opening a company.

As to the applicable residency requirements, you should check all the documents before applying for a residency permit. In particular, appropriate attention should be paid to the passport of the applicant.

According to the up-to-date regulations, one may enter the UAE only under the condition that the validity period of the passport is no less than six months. Also be sure to update your passport if you have changed your surname upon marriage.

Advantages of moving to Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai offers numerous competitive advantages for those who have chosen moving to Dubai to make it as the place for carrying on business, permanent residence or for other purposes.

Among the main advantages of this rapidly developing Emirate there are:

  • Tax-free regime;
  • Welcoming environment;
  • Strategically favourable location;
  • Safety and Security.

Tax-free regime

The Emirate of Dubai offers the unique tax-free environment for both legal and natural persons. Neither income nor other taxes are levied in the UAE.

Welcoming atmosphere

The UAE is the multinational country that welcomes everyone irrespective of the national or religious affiliation. Islam is the established religion of the UAE. However, there are numerous churches and temples for those belonging to other confessions.

Strategically favourable location

The UAE is located at the crossroads of the major international trade routes. Means it takes just 4-6 hours to reach any important Western or Eastern destination. This is the attractive characteristic for both businesspersons and tourists.

Safety and Security

You may have no worries when moving to Dubai as its Government ensures absolute safety in all the respects. Dubai offers the entire necessary infrastructure and the conditions favourable for living and carrying on business. And this is in conjunction with the stable political and economic systems of the UAE.

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