- Best company type UAE – what type is the right one for you

Best company type UAE – what type is the right one for you

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Dubai is well-known for its highly attractive and favorable business environment and the advantageous tax system. For this reason many international entrepreneurs and investors choose the option of opening a company here. And, due to some UAE legal specifics which results a number of different types of companies, there is often the question – which company would be the best company type for you. There is no one answer to it as there are various scenarios, objectives and requirements. And for each case there is the solution with the particular company UAE type which fits best.

When defining the company type you need to answer 3 main questions to make the best selection:

  • What type of activity would the company have and if such activity would touch UAE territory or not.
  • Do you need any physical space in the UAE such as office, storage, shop or production facility.
  • Would you need any residency visas in the UAE for you, your family members and / or employees.

Once you define the answers to the points above, it becomes much easier to select the best company type in the UAE which would ideally fit your requirements. It is also very important to mention that the solution of registering “some” company type now with the plan to change its status if required, later, may be quite a costly and ineffective solution. Such approach may only be reasonable when you just change or amend activities in the company license. However, if your company requirements modify critically, you need to take into account the fact that changing a main company type is not possible. For example, of you initially choose the UAE offshore company as the best option for you (simply under the consideration of the low costs of such company), later, if you would need your residency visa in the UAE, you cannot get it under such company type and you cannot convert this company into other type.

On the other side, if you choose a full-scale UAE onshore company with costly license and office, and would need such company to the minimum extend – such solution would also not be the best selection for the reason of being not cost-effective for your requirements.

Thus, when making your choice on the ideal company type in Dubai you need and be able to make the best qualified selection. To make such selection follow the following main steps:

  • Define the answers to the 3 main questions mentioned above.
  • Think if such requirements can change in the near future. If yes – factor them into y requirements.
  • Get the selection of the options available and compare its pros and contras.
  • Make the selection for the one which fits you the best and proceed with registration.

If you need an advise on making such particular selection or have any other questions on which company type to choose in Dubai, the UAE – please contact us and get the info from our professional and experienced advisors.