- Dubai as the safe place for investors

Dubai as the safe place for investors

Dubai as the safe place for investors

With the very high level of various regulatory and tax changes and global turbulence, many investors are looking for the country where they can move with their families and feel safety and stability and protect their wealth.

Quite a substantial number of wealthy people choose Dubai as the place of their residency. As according to the global research data, presently Dubai is in the list of top places being chosen by billionaires.

Over the last decades, UAE has closely integrated into the global economy becoming the highly recognized and powerful center of global commerce, trade, and finance. The country keeps moving forward to diversify its economy even further and constantly advances its regulatory environment to make it more and more foreign investors friendly.

Its great tax regime for the residents, high level of safety, outstanding infrastructure, highly multicultural environment and the easiness to obtain residency status are the key factors which make wealthy investors choose Dubai as the place for their residency.