- UAE residence visa / permit, possible types and its costs

UAE residence visa / permit, possible types and its costs

UAE residence visa / permit, possible types and its costs

First of all, we outline the possible types of residence visas in the UAE. All types of residence visas are given for a fixed period – for two or three years. Non-citizens of the UAE can not get a permanent visa or become UAE citizens. On the other side, receiving a long-term visa in this country is quite straight forward process, and its further renewal also does not cause any difficulties. Thus the ones who live in the UAE for a long time do not face any hitches with their residence permit first issue and further renewals

Employment visas

The employment visa is when some company offers you a job and provides you with a visa. Once you receive your UAE visa type as “employment”, you can also obtain such for your dependants – your wife under under-aged children. The costs of such permit are regularly covered by your employer. The costs of the residence visa for your dependants – subject to your contract terms.

As within our present review we concentrate on the visas types for self - employed and investors, we would not go into any further details on this permit type.

Residence visa in the UAE over property

For the ones who opt for the possibility to obtain residence status in the UAE over property purchase, the following requirement shall be fulfilled. First of all, to be able to qualify for this UAE visa type, the property value shall be at least one million dirhams. It shall be the property of the residential type, be completed and ready for living and, in a case of a mortgage, at least fifty percent of the mortgage must be covered.

In the event you fulfil these requirements – you can opt for the residence visa over property. Please keep in mind that, if you decide to sell your property, you will drop your status. Thus, for your visa to be linked with your property, you still can opt for the option for the permit over your company (explained in the subsequent paragraph of our overview).

Your residence visa over property, once received, also qualifies you to receive it for your wife and under-aged children. The total costs of such visa including the security deposit and other fees and charges as well as professional support is in the range of USD 11.000,-. Means it is not much difference with the costs of a visa over a company whereby solution over a company gives you more flexibility as well as you get a company which you can effectively use for your business.

The time required for completing the entire procedure to receive such UAE visa type in on average around 1 month. For some certain nationalities, the procedure can take longer as there may be additional internal immigration checks to be performed by the UAE authorities.

Company as the solution to obtain UAE residence visa

The other option to receive your residence status in the UAE is over a registration of your own company. In fact, such option is one of the most commonly used ones by investors. It gives you complete control over your residence status, and the visa is issued in the status of “investor” which gives some certain additional advantages. When you opt for such solution, the company which fulfils the necessary requirements for the further obtainment of the residence permit can be registered in a couple of days. Once this step is accomplished – documents for your residence visa may be applied. The entire process to register a company and get your visa under such type takes on average around one month. Once your visa is issued – you have sixty days to come to UAE to finalize the visa process. Same rule applies for the visa over property.

The total costs of a UAE residence visa over a company is in the range of USD 12.000,- means only USD 1.000,- more that the solution over a property whereby business investor visa provides additional flexibility as well as you have your own company. Moreover you do not need to buy real estate.

Important – UAE residence visa cancellation regulations

In the event you do not require your residence permit anymore (of any type), you need to cancel it according to applicable rules. Simply living the country without cancelling your visa may result future difficulties if you deceive to come back to UAE some time later. Thus we strongly recommend following this rule. If you received your UAE residence visa over your own company – such company must be closed as well.

Additional useful info - General rules UAE visa rules and its types

There are some additional rules and regulations which you shall be aware of. First of all, within the visa process, at its final stage, you need to pass a simple medical check in the UAE, and only then you receive your residence visa. Once it is received, you shall not stay outside of UAE for more than 180 continuous days. If such situation has happened – we advise you to get in touch with some corporate and visa services provider company which would settle all open points on your immigration files, and only then you can enter the country.

If your residence permit has expired, but you still stay in the UAE, there is so-called “overstay”. If this is a couple of days only, then when leaving the country you may face some penalty for each day of overstay. If your overstay period is longer – there may be serious consequences.

If you come to the UAE with a tourist visa – there is an option to convert such visa into the residence permit status without necessity to exit the country. Such possibility is available under the terms of fulfilment of some certain procedure and payment of related extra-governmental fees.

Summary on visas and visa types in the UAE

We can definitely state that the overall regulations and procedures in the UAE to obtain and renew residence visas of different types is highly flexible and investors – friendly. In comparison with other countries where it can take you very long waiting period to get an approval on your residence permit application, UAE provides fast and straight forward procedure. And, once you are resident here, you can enjoy the greatly attractive taxation regulations of the county – no personal taxes for its residents!

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