- Good Conduct Certificate, Dubai, the UAE

Good Conduct Certificate, Dubai, the UAE

Good Conduct Certificate, Dubai, the UAE

A new mandatory requirement concerning the obtaining of a residency visa in the UAE has been recently issued. Beginning from February 4, 2018, everyone who plans to get the UAE investor visa will be obliged to get the so-called “good conduct certificate.”

Questions and answers on good conduct certificate, UAE

  • Who has to obtain the certificate?

    The certificate has to be obtained by everyone who wants to get an investor visa or work in the UAE. However, presently this does not refer to the members of their families.

  • What kind of information does the good conduct certificate, UAE, contain?

    Details of any previous offences, prosecutions and convictions.

  • Why have the authorities introduced it?

    The main goal of the good conduct certificate is to make sure that no person entering the UAE has criminal past. This new requirement concerns everyone who wants to get an investor visa.

  • Who shall issue the good conduct certificate UAE?

    The certificate shall be issued by the home country of the applicant. Subsequently, it must be legalized by the UAE’s consulate abroad.

  • What motivated the UAE to introduce the good conduct certificate, Dubai?

    This is one of the major goal to create the safe environment and strengthen security all over the country.

  • Do I have to apply for the certificate if I plan to visit the UAE as a tourist?

    No, you don’t. There is no such requirement for tourists and visitors.


The authorities understand how essential it is to protect the community. Only safe countries can become prosperous and thrive. Therefore, it is vitally important to create an environment where everybody feels secure. The good conduct certificate required for residency visa applicants in Dubai, UAE, will prevent offenders and criminals from entering the country. It is the new obligatory requirement of the government that came into force from February 4, 2018. Those who plan to obtain an investor visa or work in the UAE have to apply for it before submitting their application for residency visa.

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