- Mangrove Forests in the UAE

Mangrove Forests in the UAE

Mangrove Forests in the UAE

Mangroves are forests consisting of shrubs and small trees growing in the tropics and subtropics. Mangroves are a source of a special highlight for the United Arab Emirates. Mangrove forests are not only extremely beautiful – they are also very useful, primarily because they support unique ecosystems. They are the habitats of many animals and contribute to the accumulation of silt and sand. The government of the UAE is aware of the mangroves’ important contribution to the environment, and therefore strongly supports and protects them.

Mangrove Forests in Abu Dhabi

There are about 110 km2 of natural and planted mangroves on the territory of Abu Dhabi. Mangroves make flora and fauna of the region richer and more diverse. There are many fish, sea snakes, turtles, shrimp and seabirds in mangrove forests of Abu Dhabi. The eastern mangrove lagoon in Abu Dhabi is a favorite holiday destination among rowers. The government of the UAE is determined to increase the number and area of mangroves – by 2030 there will be four more national mangrove parks.

Supporting mangroves in the UAE is a very important task for the authorities. Flora and fauna of any rapidly growing state undergo certain difficulties. That is why state institutions should direct all their efforts to protect nature and maintain its balance. Please note that it is forbidden to litter in the areas of mangrove forests. Besides, there is a strict ban on plastic and other harmful waste.

On the Importance and Benefits of Mangroves in the UAE

It’s no secret that the world is on the verge of a global environmental disaster. Many unfavorable phenomena are taking place on the planet. Harmful influence of man on nature can be downplayed only with the help of a set of well-planned and measured actions. The government of the UAE is aware of the importance of combating global warming, pollution, deforestation, increased water consumption, sedimentation and other problems. The policy of the UAE is aimed at constant support of mangroves, which are an extremely important part of the coastline.

The Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi is engaged in the restoration and protection of mangrove forests on Saadiyat Island, Jubail, Marawah and Ras Ghanada. The main inhabitants of mangrove forests are shrimp and fish. Mangroves can also be used as wood or fuel. They are of great interest to eco-tourists.

Mangrove National Park in the UAE

Mangrove forests in the UAE are very important for nesting birds. They help prevent the erosion of the shoreline and are a rich source of food for many species of animals and insects. The Mangrove National Park is a dense forest protected by the UAE government. It will be interesting for all lovers of nature and eco-tourism. The Mangrove National Park in the UAE is a real trove for birdwatchers and people who just want to escape from the noise of a big city and feel the peace and harmony of nature.

Hundreds of birds live in the park. Among them, there are real pearls for a birdwatcher: Alexandrine parakeet, Ashy drongo, Bank Myna, Pacific godwit and the Black stork. The National Park is located near the center of Abu Dhabi on Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road. A visit to mangrove forests in the UAE can turn into a real adventure for the whole family. This experience can also be very useful from an educational point of view. In any case, whatever your purpose is, visiting mangrove forests in the UAE will definitely become an unforgettable experience.

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