- Dubai - investment, opportunities for business and growth of capital

Dubai - investment, opportunities for business and growth of capital

Dubai - investment, opportunities for business and growth of capital

Dubai is the ultra-modern metropolis, granting possibilities for very different business activities, as well as for investment.

As far as business is concerned - there are almost no restrictions for business ideas. One can consider Dubai as the great investment platform for expansion of existing business, located in another country. It is possible to transfer part of existing business or start in the United Arab Emirates a completely new business area.

For successful investment in business it is necessary to comply with the following important factors - infrastructure, availability of labor force, convenient location and transport capacity, safe place for residence, laws that protect interests of investors and favorable conditions of taxation. For all these parameters the United Arab Emirates offer a wonderful opportunity providing reliable basis for the very different business.

In addition to the foregoing, Dubai also offers all types of banking services that meet all the requirements of business and investment activities.

If you succeed in business in Dubai, upon some time you may decide to return capital and profit to your home country. In this respect Dubai is also very convenient - there are no restrictions on export of capital, on transfer of foreign currency, and there is no withholding tax.

Dubai also has something to offer if you decide to consider an option of more reliable investments, such as real estate investment. Here you can find almost any option - from a large package of real estate - both commercial and residential, for example, from purchase of office center or hotel or villa or apartment. Demand with respect to lease of residential and commercial premises is rather high, and return from lease is also very attractive in comparison with possible alternatives in other similar countries. There is also a significant price growth potential here.

If you prefer to invest in securities - banks in the UAE offer a full range of services – starting from the standard package - regular bank accounts with possibility of making deposits, up to any kind of investment proposals with very different levels of profitability. And all this is enhanced by high stability and privacy of the banking system of the UAE.

In addition to direct investment opportunities in the UAE, Dubai also offers favorable conditions for management of your assets and investments abroad. This can be realized in the form of the parent management company, holding company or a company that is used as part of your international business - for various settlements and investments in different countries.