- Choosing the Business Consulting in Dubai, UAE for Business Setup

Choosing the Business Consulting in Dubai, UAE for Business Setup

Choosing the Business Consulting in Dubai, UAE for Business Setup

Business consulting companies in the UAE offer various corporate advisory services on business setup and further administration along with additional highly useful services such as licensing, providing resident visas support services to company owners as well as employment visas for employees, yearly companies renewals, etc. There are also other types of business consulting companies providing another category of services such as management consultancy and in other areas. The choice of business consulting companies in Dubai, UAE is quite extensive. Thus it may be quite challenging to choose the right one.

Categories of Business Consulting Companies for Business Setup in Dubai, UAE - which one to choose

When classifying the Business Consulting in Dubai, UAE there are the following main categories of such companies:

  • Business consulting companies which provide all types of business setup services combined with other services such as, for example, the services on finding schools for kids, finding properties for sale or rent, helping with finding doctors, etc. On one side such extensive scope of service may sound quite useful. On the other side, in praxis, the level of the corporate services of such companies may have some clear deficiencies. It is close to impossible to provide professionally all types of services within one company. Corporate services require certain particular qualifications and experience of personnel whereby concierge-related services are absolutely different ones and require other qualifications, infrastructure, and personnel. Thus when selecting a business consulting company in Dubai, UAE, it is much more rational to find the one which provides corporate services only. And for family -related and other matters it is better to find a company which does solely such support whereby these companies fall under the concierge or relocation services category.
  • Business Consulting companies in Dubai which are the legal and law firms. These types of consulting companies in the UAE may be highly practical if you need some seriously complicated legal matters to be handled for you. These would include, for example, drafting some highly complicated JV agreements, partnership agreements, etc. However, if you need the regular business setup in the UAE, these legal and law firms may be not the best choice as they charge higher prices than regular business consulting companies in the UAE. Moreover, when talking about standard solutions for business setup in Dubai, the UAE, such law firms may also take much more time to complete the company formation as their infrastructure and workfloware not designed for fast and cost-efficient setup process.
  • Business consulting companies in Dubai providing advisory services in the areas other than business setup and corporate services. Such companies provide advisory and consulting in such areas as, for example, management consultancy, preparing and providing various market reports, etc. Normally these companies do not provide corporate and setup services and concentrate on their particular area of expertise. And for the ones who also provide corporate services - same hitches can arise as when working with law firms.
  • Business consulting companies working on low budget or, on the other side, being highly overpriced. The professional provision of business consulting services related to corporate services and business setup in the UAE requires qualified personnel, proper infrastructure, etc. This is, clearly, linked with certain costs. When the corporate service provider offers his services for absolutely throw-away prices, it practically guarantees you that you would experience some hitches and difficulties as such companies, in majority of the cases, are not able to deliver the proper service. Or, as our experience shows, some of them start to issue extra invoices once the client has agreed with the terms and has made the first payment. The companies who overcharge clients also regularly do not provide proper service. The number of clients who work with such business consulting companies is very limited thus such business consulting do not have the daily praxis in communication with various UAE authorities. This means that they may simply be unaware of some changes which take place quite often at the various UAE authorities and do not possess the features which let them do the job of the business setup in Dubai, UAE fast and efficient.
  • Business consulting companies in Dubai, UAE providing corporate services only and which are reasonably priced. Such companies will be the best choice if you need rather standard incorporation services. These companies normally have thousands of companies under their management and their infrastructure and workflow is perfectly designed to handle clients requires fast and efficient.

Business Consulting services provided by us within new company setup

  • Helping to choose the right and most cost-efficient company type
  • Assistance on the company set up and structuring in case of multiple shareholders or multi-level corporate structure
  • Preparing all incorporation documents from a to z
  • Assistance in preparing the formal business plan - if required by authority
  • Licensing, especially for activities which require additional approvals
  • Optimizing the time and efforts on company setup
  • Support in selection of bank and account opening procedure
  • Resident visas support for shareholders and company employees
  • Additional documents provision such as company establishment card and alike

Apart of making the procedure of the choice of the best company type and the business setup itself smooth and fast, we always structure all our processes such a way that it requires the minimal involvement of the customer within the process. That saves a lot of efforts and time. For example, if you plan to set up an onshore company yourself, on average you may be required to come to UAE 2 to 3 times and spend each time a couple of days. In our case, we structure the entire process such in the way that by the time you come to Dubai, the UAE all is all ready to the maximum possible extent and you need to spend in the country 1-2 days maximum. That is the immense time saving, plus the savings of the costs which, otherwise, you would need to pay for extra travel and accommodation costs.

Business consulting and support service in the UAE within company administration

Once your company has been setup, you would need to take the necessary care of it. Means you need to renew the license, PO Box, lease agreement, etc. All this required time and efforts, When working with us you are sure that all these pints and handled by us in the professional and timely matter. The company administration services include:

  • Making all necessary corporate changes and amendments upon your request.
  • Keeping you up-to-date in case of any regulatory changes.
  • Keeping under control your renewal dates of your company, visas, etc.
  • Providing local corporate support which, otherwise, may require your personal visits.

The task of finding the right and most appropriate business consulting company in Dubai, UAE, may be a challenging process. Failure when making such choice may cost quite a lot of time and money. To make sure you choose the right one you need to check a couple of available alternatives and make your choice. On our side, we are always ready to welcome you to our office so that you can have the initial meeting with our advisors to be able to make your unbiassed impression on our company.

We guarantee and provide

  • Time efficiency within business setup procedure - the entire procedure of incorporation is optimized to the maximum extent to guarantee the fastest incorporation and minimal time required by the company owners.
  • Costs saving by choosing the best solution and requirement minimalpresence of
  • Compliance with all UAE regulations as we are always in contact with all the UAE authorizes and ensure that all incorporation proceduresare donefollowing all the applicable UAE regulations.
  • Reliability of service all our clients are always services by at least two clientmanagers who control the workflow and guarantee the timely and proper execution of the works.

Practically any person can call himself a consultant, but to be the real business consulting Dubai it requires years of experience, country expertise,and professional team. This is what we definitely possess and offer to our long-term existing and future clients.

Alliance Business Advisors is the business consulting company operating in Dubai, the UAE and proving its customers for a number of years the comprehensive business setup and support services which enable our customers to start their businesses fast and being able to concentrate on the core business issues. A huge number of companies from various industries and businesses have been registered and being further supported by us and majority of our clients stay with us for years, which is the best proof of our reliability and business consulting service quality.

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