- Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi – an Impressive Work of Art in Itself with the Universal Collection

Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi – an Impressive Work of Art in Itself with the Universal Collection

Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi – an Impressive Work of Art in Itself with the Universal Collection

November 2017, became a very special month for Abu Dhabi and its cultural history. After a tedious process of careful planning and thorough preparations, including negotiations with the world-famous art gallery in Paris, the UAE authorities opened the Louvre museum in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This has immediately caused the rise in the number of tourists. Some of them are now flying to Abu Dhabi with the specific aim of seeing the exposition of the museum.

The initial aim of the government was to create something truly meaningful and permanent, something that would connect people from all over the world. The negotiations with the French parliament started in 2007. The UAE authorities paid about $525 million to use the name of the world-famous museum. The total cost of the construction has reached about $700 million. The looks of the museum are pretty impressive, though.

The architects did their best – Louvre resembles a floating weightless dome in the middle of the desert. It is 180 meters wide, made of aluminum and stainless steel filtering the sunshine. The combination of shade, sunshine, and air does the trick – the galleries look magnificent and feel the magic. White and silver are the prevailing colors. The museum is the work of art in itself but waits till you see the exposition. It is not the copy of the museum one can visit in Paris. About 6000 square meters are dedicated to the permanent collection, 2000 square meters are intended for temporary exhibitions.

The Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi has managed to create the truly unique collection consisting of world-class paintings. Bellini, Manet, Gaugin, and Magritte are only some of the acknowledged masters whose works you can see at the museum. Bactrian princess sculpture from Central Asia and a 9th-century Quran in Kufic script are some of the other artifacts you’ll be able to see here.

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” will also be displayed in Louvre. The acquisition of this particular painting was especially important for the Abu Dhabi authorities – it emphasizes the country’s respect towards other religions and cultures. “Salvator Mundi” depicts Jesus in a Renaissance robe giving a benediction with his right hand while holding a crystal ball with the left one. It is a less known work of Leonardo da Vinci and one of the most expensive paintings ever sold and purchased.

All in all, the museum has the universal collection some of the finest examples of art. The Louvre museum in Paris was not the only source of the exhibition. There are about 300 lends from several major French institutions such as Pompidou, Musée d’Orsay, and Versailles. The Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi is all-encompassing – it displays the works of arts belonging to different epochs and representing different countries. This is one of the main factors that have caused the massive growth in tourism in Abu Dhabi. Tickets to visit the museum can be purchased online. The price of the ticket ranges from 30 to 60 dirhams. Access for children under the age of 13 is free.

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