- Registration of a trademark in the UAE

Registration of a trademark in the UAE

Registration of a trademark

If a company wants to protect its unique brand in Dubai, UAE, it is necessary to go through the standard registration procedure by collecting and submitting documents to the local Trade Mark Department in the Ministry of Economy of the UAE.

Trademark registration process in the uae patent office

The easiest and most common way to register a trademark is to go through the quick trademark registration procedure by submitting the appropriate application to the National Patent Office under the UAE Ministry of Economy, by filing an electronic application at the official website of the Office (the legislation describes the procedure for filing a claim most acceptably, namely the possibility of electronic filing of a form).

The term for trademark registration is from about seven months to two years (typically within a year), including the examination process. After the publication of the application for trademark registration within one month, a claim may be filed, and an applicant must submit own objections in the same way within 30 days. It is worth considering that the National Patent Office may refuse to register a trademark if, during the examination, it reveals a similar, identical brand.

To apply for trademark registration, you need to submit a package of documents:

  • A completed trademark registration application with information about the applicant. If the applicant is an individual – this is all personal data (passport, identification code). If the trademark is drawn up for the company – the data of its registration or certified copies of the constituent documentation.
  • Image of the mark in the printed and electronic form*.
  • Certified translation into Arabic or English. According to the instructions, all documents submitted must be accompanied by a translation into Arabic if they are written in English or translated to Arabic and English if they are written in another language.
  • Copies of papers confirming the right to conduct business in the country;
  • Power of attorney legalized at the consulate.

*When registering a trademark in this country, there are restrictions that are caused by local cultural traditions. Thus, it’s not possible to register a logo that shows a pig or a bottle of alcohol.

The cost of registration depends on a person who registers it: registration of a trademark for a company will cost you two times more than registration for an individual.

If no identical signs were found in your product class as a result of the examination (when registering, you can specify no more than one product class) and other people have no objection to your brand, or your registrar answers your complaint, you will be issued an ownership document for your trademark for 10 years (with the possibility of extension an unlimited number of times).

One of the specifics of UAE law is the fact that the United Arab Emirates is not a party to many international agreements regarding the registration of trademarks, namely the Madrid Agreement and this greatly simplifies a trademark registration process

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