- Burj Al Arab Terrace in Dubai is opened

Burj Al Arab Terrace in Dubai is opened

Burj Al Arab Terrace in Dubai is opened

The most exclusive hotel in the world presents its new terrace expanding over the sea. There are the following new facilities: 828m2 infinity pool with salt water, a 612m2 pool with fresh water and 32 cabanas with air condition. Outdoor luxury relaxation facility is extended into the sea for 100m.

The terrace of Burj Al Arab is brought to Dubai from Finland in sections and further installed precisely on its place. It took just 11 months to construct ship and assemble this extraordinary terrace weighting 5,000 tons. The off-site construction method was used to develop this outdoor luxury holiday center. The terrace’s shape was designed in such a way to resemble the shape of Burj Al Arab.

The terrace is connected by a central alley and has Scape Restaurant and Bar, which can offer visitors a menu of Californian fusion-style to choose dishes from, also a beach with 1,000 tons of white sand, and splendid cabanas which are able to receive up to 4 visitors.  Each of the cabana has dining and bar menu, fresh fruit, spa services, espresso machine, fully-stocked mini-bar and TV. There is also a shower zone, individual bathroom and veranda in each cabana.

The architecture of Burj Al Arab was created by Admares, marine construction firm in Finland. The non-natural island weighing 5,000 tons was built at a shipyard site in Finland and shipped to Dubai in eight fragments, with a minimal disturbance to visitors, and also marine and seabed life.

Burj Al Arab terrace in Dubai is asserting itself as valuable addition to the most deluxe hotel in the world and has provided a unique extension with swimming pools, a restaurant, beach and cottages directly on the water. Visitors of the hotel with sail shape can enjoy a dive in an infinity pool with sea water or in a pool with fresh water, or relaxing in 32 cabanas with air condition, serviced by butlers.

This Burj Al Arab facility is the first marine and off-site construction project of this type in the world. This project was designed by experts of Admares - marine building firm in Finland.

When regular hotels are ranked on a range from one to five stars, Dubai’s Hotel Burj Al Arab has been presented as the single seven-star hotel in the world, which has its private butlers, chauffeurs driving  Rolls-Royce cars and extravagant suites.  Burj Al Arab, placed on the non-natural atoll is the third highest hotel in the world and the sign of luxury of Dubai.