- Opening visa via the company - Residence visa in the UAE

Opening visa via the company - Residence visa in the UAE

Opening visa via the company - Residence visa in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates provides the possibility to obtain the residence visa via the registration of the companies. Such visa gives the right of permanent residence of the owners of the company and members of their family in the UAE.

The status of a resident of the UAE with a valid residence visa also provides the status of a tax resident of the country. At the same time this type of visa is granted with the obtaining of all the available tax benefits i.e. with the full exemption of the residents of the country from the majority of taxes.

Our company has a long wide experience in the registering of the various companies in Dubai and in the other Emirates, which give the right to obtain the residence visas in the United Arab Emirates. We help not only to register the company, but also provide full support in obtaining the residence visas.

The residence visa in UAE gives the following rights:

  • The right of permanent residence in the UAE;
  • The right to obtain visas for family members;
  • Obtaining the full status of resident with the possibility of obtaining loans from UAE banks;
  • Obtaining the check books in the banks;
  • The possibility of obtaining the confirmation of the status of tax resident in the country from the Ministry of Finance of the UAE;
  • Safe and comfortable residence in the country.

The residence visas, which are obtained via the company in Dubai or another Emirate with our help, can be fully designed on a turn-key basis. In total it takes, including the time for obtaining visas, on average, just 3-4 weeks. Such visas are issued for 2 years with the possibility of further renewal for unlimited number of times.

If you do not intend to reside permanently in the UAE, but you need a residence visa, you must come to the country at least once every 180 days to preserve its validity.

The United Arab Emirates is a highly developed and rich country with a favorable location. This country is favorable both for a comfortable and secure residence, and for carrying business. And it is definitely unique in this way, as the majority of alternative solutions for permanent residence are either megalopolises or places for residence and holidays with small business opportunities or their complete absence of such.

The status of resident of the UAE and the appropriate residence visa are issued by the immigration Department of the country. When obtaining the residence visa via the registration of the company such legal entities are registered in one of the free economic zones of the Emirates The costs of the visa is the cost of registration of the company plus the costs of obtaining the visa. For one company you can obtain one or more visas - depending on the configuration of the company.

You need to submit the following documents for registration of a company and obtaining visa in the United Arab Emirates:

  • The name of the company. We can propose the name if there are some difficulties while choosing the company name;
  • Copies of the passports;
  • Short summary;
  • Utility bills from your country with your name and address;
  • Recommendation letter from the bank.

Steps to obtain a visa:

  1. You send us your request, specifying the required number of residence visas for the shareholders and directors of the company. If you register the company for real business – the brief description of the planned business activities.
  2. After receiving the above-listed information, we will send you the detailed proposal, including all the costs and a complete list of required documents.
  3. You send us the copies of the documents by e-mail in order  for us to be able to check all the documents in advance and to prepare the documents for registration.
  4. You come to Dubai on a tourist visa for 2 days to sign all the necessary documents, to register the company and to apply for the residence visas.
  5. The company registration takes 2-4 days, in some cases a bit more, depending on the type of the company, and on average 2-3 weeks are required for visas obtaining. The completion of the registration of the company and visas is carried out by our employees. For you, as it was mentioned above, it is sufficient to come to UAE just for 2 days. Besides, the working days in the Emirates are from Sunday to Thursday. If you have a rigid schedule, it is enough, for signing all the documents, to be in the country just on Sunday and Monday. Thus you will spend only one your working days.
  6. At the final stage we will send you a visa in the electronic form and then you will need to come to UAE again to complete the procedures of obtaining the residence visa and the visa sticker in the passport and registration card resident of the UAE – Emirate ID. This procedure necessitates being in the United Arab Emirates on average for 3-5 working days. After this the procedure is completed.

The further renewal of the company and visas you can perform independently or with the help of our company.

We also provide assistance in obtaining a certificate of the tax residence in the UAE and visas obtaining for family members and company staff.