- How to get / receive UAE residency and citizenship

How to get / receive UAE residency and citizenship

How to get / receive UAE residency and citizenship

UAE is the very comfortable and attractive country for life and work. It offers great infrastructure and high level of safety as well as provides perfect opportunities for doing business.

For this reason a large number of people wish to come to UAE to live here. Clearly it results the question on how to get the right of permanent residency in the UAE.

Such permanent residency in UAE can be received without any complications over registering a company in UAE. This solution permits to receive residency visa for you, your family as well as work permits for your employees. The United Arab Emirates permanent residency gives you the possibility to stay in UAE and work here. It is regularly issued for 3 years with the further prolongation.

Visa over registering a company in UAE is the comfortable and not complicated solution for residency in United Arab Emirates. However, if you wish to receive UAE citizenship, the permanent residency, no matter how long you stay in UAE, does not give you the right to receive citizenship of the country. Generally the matter of receiving the UAE citizenship / passport by foreigners is extremely hard and is given only on case-to-case basis exceptional basis thus practically impossible to receive.

What is the solution? There is one – in combination with UAE residency we suggest you to get citizenship of other country which provides the option of receiving citizenship over investment programs. The countries where we can support you to get your second citizenship are Dominica, St. Kitts, Cyprus, Malta and a couple of other countries.

Such second passport and citizenship can also of the extremely high value for you in the event of some political or economic instability in your home country. It is also the great solution for protection of your assets in UAE and other countries – these assets can be registered to this second passport. The passport of second country also gives you the valuable option to reside in that country as well as makes it much easier to get residency in a number of other countries.

We offer the solution on how to get second citizenship over the economic citizenship programs only. Such programs give the possibility to receive foreign citizenship already in 2-3 month and does not result any taxation by that country. However such solution is cost - intensive. The costs of receiving such citizenship including the obligatory investments in the country start from USD 300.000,- and higher – depending on country.

The solution of receiving second citizenship not over economic citizenship programs, but over naturalization, can be noticeable less costly.  However it would require you and your family to physically move to that county and live there permanently for at least 2-3 years, some countries - 5 years and more – to receive citizenship over naturalization program. For business persons such option is not feasible plus can result taxation in that second country thus the economic citizenship program is the only option. It does not require you to live in that country and can be received in a couple of month only.

We provide full support within the entire process of receiving UAE residency visa plus citizenship from abroad. This is the great combination – with such solution you have the right to live in UAE under UAE residency visa and possess the freedom to travel to other countries under your foreign passport without any visa requirements as well as enjoy other mentioned benefits of the second citizenship as well.