- Stable growing number of companies domiciled in Dubai, UAE

Stable growing number of companies domiciled in Dubai, UAE

Stable growing number of companies domiciled in  Dubai, UAE

Economy of Dubai keeps demonstrating continuous and steady year-on-year growth of number of companies registered in Dubai and other emirates of UAE.

Such companies, by choosing Dubai as their place of registration, enjoy a number of various advantages Dubai offers as the international hub for business. And, when such companies are opening in United Arab Emirates and start their operations here, they attract further companies from diverse business areas.

The number of legal entities being incorporated in different Free Trade Zones of Dubai and other Emirates keeps growing due to the fact that Dubai is the clear and undisputable leader as the international business, logistics and financial hub. This growing number of companies in UAE is set by investors / entrepreneurs who perfectly realize the opportunities Dubai provides in different business areas – logistics, production, trade, financial sector, real estate sector, etc.

Some certain general slowdown of the economy of UAE due to sharp decline in oil prices did not influence anyhow the number of businesses that are registered in Dubai on year-to-year basis. Moreover, in spite of some certain economy draw-backs, UAE demonstrates stable growth and continuity in implementation of its strategical plans of the country development. Such approach of the government gives a strong signal to business community that Dubai is and would be the perfect location for various businesses – local as well as globally acting.

The factual data on the country economic growth is the strong indicator that Dubai plans are accomplished in the systematic and stable path. Dubai has set its clear vision of having 20 million visitors per year by 2020 and this goal is well on track. It is also on track in terms of further expansion of out cargo and air terminals and various facilities business may need when setting up in this country.

Regarding the number of companies being set in the UAE – thanks to available diversity of company types and permitted activities of such companies every investor, who decides to register his business in UAE, finds the company form and type most suitable for him. The various direct and indirect business incentives of Dubai – taxation, labor force costs, legal environment, etc. make Dubai one of the country’s leading in number of new businesses registered here.