- Registration of a company in DMCC (FTZ DMCC) – Dubai commodities trade center

Registration of a company in DMCC (FTZ DMCC) – Dubai commodities trade center

Registration of a company in DMCC (FTZ DMCC) – Dubai commodities trade center

Dubai is known as both a place for recreation, and as a place for carrying on business on favorable and attractive terms. One of the most important components of successful business in the UAE is the concept of the free trade economic zones – designated areas in Dubai and other Emirates, which have special status, and provide business with significant benefits and possibilities.

These most basic benefits and features include the possibility of company registration in the United Arab Emirates with one hundred percent foreign participation and a full exemption from tax deductions.

The DMCC free trade zone – Dubai Multi Commodities Center - is worth noting among the dozens of free trade economic zones in Dubai, UAE. This free trade zone has a very favorable location, and possesses certain features, which are not offered by other FTZ, or which are offered only in a limited extend.

First of all, the DMCC FTZ (DMCC) provides a possibility of registration of a company with a license for trade in different exchange goods (commodities) – gold and other precious metals, petroleum and petroleum products, coffee, cotton, etc. Besides, the territory of the free trade zone has all the necessary settings for trade in precious metals, such as secure lockers for storage, possibility of certification of quality of goods, etc.

In addition to the specialized licenses in DMCC FTZ (DMCC) there is also the possibility of registration of companies with common licenses – trade in the most various goods, service sector, consulting, etc.

What also distinguishes the DMCC FTZ, UAE, besides the possibility of obtaining the specialized licenses is the fact that this FTZ is situated in the large modern and conveniently located area of Dubai, which offers both residential and commercial spaces. It is a very convenient combination, as the most of other FTZ offer only commercial spaces. And even if you don't plan to live in this area, it means that your office is located in the area with the entire infrastructure: shops, restaurants and much more – in fact the whole service sector.

Another important distinguishing feature of the DMCC FTZ in Dubai is the fact that private investors own the majority of commercial spaces in this FTZ. At the same time, the choice of offices is very wide and fits every taste. For this reason, the cost of office spaces in this area is more than affordable in view of their high quality and convenient location.

This free zone in Dubai is a good solution for a number of various business types whereby company in this free zone can be with real as well as with service desk.

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