- Top 5 Most Preferred Destinations for Small Businesses

Top 5 Most Preferred Destinations for Small Businesses

Top 5 Most Preferred Destinations for Small Businesses

There are people who, thanks to their unique vision, have already changed the lives of millions by building their businesses from scratches, such as Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs. But the truth is, in order to be successful, you do not need to be brilliant, just be purposeful and efficient, besides you need a good idea for a small business. Here are some potentially promising ideas for creating a small business in the UAE.

Ideas for business from scratch

All the business ideas presented below do not require significant investments; all that is needed at the first step is your time and desire to work.

1. Organization of tourist trips in the UAE.

We should note at once that we do not mean to organize a travel company – this is impossible without start-up capital. At the first stage, we suggest you develop possible routes independently, find those places that will be of interest to foreigners, perhaps something original that travel companies do not offer, and accompany guests at all stages of the trip. Despite the fact that tourism in the UAE is quite popular, you can still offer something original and inexpensive. If you live in the UAE, you will be able to organize such a business. If things get better, you might consider hiring other people.

2. Online store in the UAE.

Trade is the fastest growing sector in the country's economy. Just note that some resources will be required to start such a business, for example, to develop a website and purchase the first batch of goods, but still, this cannot be compared with the cost of opening a physical store. Besides you can cheat a little; for example, you can start selling at one of the auction sites (there is no need to develop your own store site and spend a lot on its promotion on the network) in make up your client base. In parallel, you can start creating and promoting your own website in order to switch to direct sales in the future.

3. Take care of the elderly/children/patients.

It will always be relevant in any country and at any time. Often people who work full-time in companies cannot afford to spend their time caring for children/elderly/sick relatives. If you don’t have any special starting resources, you can sell your time! You can make money on it. And when you learn how it works from the inside, you can try to organize your company and hire others, so you can even grow. As an option, you can also attract employees who will be part-time tutors.

4. Delivery of food cooked at home.

In the UAE, and Dubai in particular, there are hundreds or even thousands of cafes and restaurants, but the truth is that there are people who are willing to pay money not for such food, but for home cooking. If you love and know how to cook, you can do a good business on this. You can enter into contracts with several offices and companies, delivering them your meals. To organize such a business, it is not necessary to rent a kitchen room – cooking can be done in an ordinary apartment. You should only take care of the delivery and advertising. But it does not require a lot of money. The main thing is to offer a good product – tasty and healthy homemade food.

5. Management of foreign affairs and supervision of the property.

Another option for those who are willing to sell their time. Rich people, as a rule, are very busy; they constantly do not have enough time to do their usual things: go shopping, walk with a dog, or even go home and check if they turned off an iron. For some fee, they will gladly transfer this work to another person. You can build your business on this.

In all of the options listed above, you can start work on your own, and for this, you need mainly your time and desire. And with due success, you can think about the growth and development of your business.