- Top 4 ways to find clients for freelancers in the UAE

Top 4 ways to find clients for freelancers in the UAE

Top 4 ways to find clients for freelancers in the UAE

So, you are a beginner freelancer in the UAE, and you have not yet got a stable client base and stable work. If you have not dealt with marketing before, now is a good time to learn its basics. The ability to search and find customers is the main feature of a successful freelancer in Dubai. It is necessary to approach to this as an entrepreneur.

1. Determining the target audience

So, your first task is to determine the target audience. Being a freelancer, you must clearly understand what product you are offering, to whom, how it differs from competitors and what benefits it provides. So, the first point is to describe your “product" in detail. When you submit your services or goods, you should think about the problems this service will help to solve, how to simplify the life of your customer. For example, if you are a web designer and make landing pages, your product will help entrepreneurs both profitably present their product and easily sell it by collecting leads. And if you are an artist, you can show some examples of how a unique style can highlight your customer. In a word, your client should immediately understand what benefits he/she will get by cooperating with you. Most often, freelancers are hired by marketers, project managers, assistants. Take this into account when composing a portrait of your target audience.

2. Use word-of-mouth marketing

Technologies have already been deeply integrated into our daily lives, but you know what? People are still inclined to trust recommendations from living people. This type of advertising and marketing works and is very effective. Advice from a friend, or family member, or even reviews of other people on the Internet – people are more likely to believe other people than regular advertising.

This can be a great source of new clients for a freelancer. Ask your friends or acquaintances (if you used to work in the office) if they know people who need your services. If you have more or less loyal people at the very beginning, it will be easier to form the “core” of your client base, and you can also train your approach.

3. Develop your profile in social networks

Social networks are a powerful tool for a marketer. They can also be useful for a freelancer.

Remember, the profile of a freelancer in the social network is not a personal page, but your business card, where you can and should show and talk about your achievements, demonstrate successful cases, write thematic articles. Use specialized professional networks like LinkedIn. Indicate exactly what you are doing, make free access to your page and allow them to send you messages. Everyone should understand that through a social network you can contact and order your goods/services.

The good idea is to write a post about your activities (advertising) and ask friends about reposts. You can promise a bonus for a given customer.

Write content for professional sites and communities, take time for expert commenting, and conduct a webinar. In a word – do everything possible to be heard and seen. All means are good for this.

4. Look for clients at professional events

Professional events, such as seminars and conferences, will allow you to make valuable acquaintances with those who work in your field. But here you need to do everything right. When you meet people, you should not immediately talk about yourself and your activities. It’s better to find out who your interlocutor is, what he/she does, what interests this person has, what worries him/her. It is like an assessment of the target audience. Build communication based on your interlocutor.

Finding a customer is half of the success. You must be able to establish communication, properly respond to the information that you received from people at the event.

In the matter of attracting customers, a freelancer should focus on becoming visible and noticeable among the right people, potential customers. The more you write, post, and communicate in other ways, the higher the likelihood that you will be noticed and offered an order. Do not ignore anything – you never know what will work and where the client will come from.