- Dubai ranked by international experts as the great place to live.

Dubai ranked by international experts as the great place to live.

Dubai ranked by international experts as the great place to live.

People have always asked themselves, whether there is a place that has it all? Well, they have to ask no more – Dubai is the answer!

Seemingly self-evident parameters for a good life and work in a country, one will not find in most countries of the world. Dubai, however, is the epitome for such place comprising cultural richness, sophisticated infrastructure, political and economic stability which make the city the most desirable place to live in.

Like no other country, Dubai is always on the way for improvement and has the highest lifestyle ranking according to the Economist Intelligence Unit Magazine, 2015.

Copestake, the leading professor in International Development  from the University of Bath ranked Dubai third in the list of 10 most developed cities in the last 5 years, even though Dubai has shown just 0.5% development points in the last 12 months.

Dubai has a very rapidly growing cultural availability with an ever-growing number of artists and sport events, which in turn attract regional and foreign investment, professionals from abroad and tourists. The above has been topped by the high standards in health care making Dubai to the center of health care tourism. The government efforts in making Dubai the regional hub are very much evident with a vast volume of new infrastructure sprawling throughout the city.

Generally, the UAE have been deemed the safest regional hub even during the times of the Arab Spring and the consequences it caused to the Middle East and North Africa. The cities like Damascus were experiencing the major slump in ranking.

Dubai, despite the challenges which it has been up against, is not lagging too far behind the best ranking world cities like Melbourne, Vienna and Vancouver. Dubai’s rising number of tourists is a clear reflection of governments efforts and foreign investment.

There are many challenges up ahead with the Chinese declining stock market, falling oil prices all of which could affect Dubai, but nevertheless, Dubai is looking forward to overcome those challenges as it always did.