- Why it is worth to consider the Relocation / moving of business to Dubai, UAE

Why it is worth to consider the Relocation / moving of business to Dubai, UAE

Why it is worth to consider the Relocation / moving of business to Dubai, UAE

In today's world of the global business, an entrepreneur, when developing the business, should often look beyond the main business territory in order to ensure the business competitiveness. The number of different reasons may result moving of the part of business or the entire business to another country. Such grounds may include, for example:


  • The aim to increase the business efficiency by optimizing the logistics and other components.
  • Costs optimization by reducing the costs of labor force and energy resources.
  • Optimization of customs and other payments implementing the solution of its reduction and simplification of the required documents flow.
  • Possibility of the efficient work with banks equally in terms of promptness of payments and in terms of getting borrowed funds for the business development.
  • Obtaining access to the entire essential infrastructure for business development at the affordable price – premises, utilities, housing for employees, etc.
  • Aim of the business owners to move into another country with their family and to relocate business to the certain country.

Relocation / moving of business to another jurisdiction is associated with the significant number of various issues. Even if you have a clear understanding that the United Arab Emirates is suitable for your goals – you will still have a lot of hitches and issues.

What form of the company to choose, what permits and licenses are required and how to obtain such, how to apply for the residence permit for the company owners and to obtain work permits for employees, and so on.

In addition, in the case of moving of the real business, you will need many different approvals for installation and operation of the equipment, product certification, etc.

Relocation / moving of business to Dubai or other Emirate of the UAE requires the development of the detailed plan of moving and the thorough calculation of the projected costs. We define the tasks of the client, the time available to perform the tasks, and on this basis prepare the entire relocation plan. After its fine-tuning with the client, we carry out the phased implementation of the plan with the constant coordination of actions with the customer.

Upon completion of relocation / moving of business to the UAE, the customer has two choices – to carry out further legal servicing of business by himself, or to entrust us with further business support in terms of renewal of licenses, permits and other issues with the government regulators.