- Dubai Smart City – megalopolis of the new generation

Dubai Smart City – megalopolis of the new generation

Dubai Smart City – megalopolis of the new generation

The municipal authorities of the Dubai megalopolis don’t cease to surprise public and tourists from all around the world with its grandiose and large-scale projects that attract annually millions of visitors. The official mass media of the Emirate have announced the launch of the long-term state Smart City project, or in the other words – Smart City.

It should be noted that the project has already been approved by the ruling elite, and is positioned as the complex of activities designed to improve the existing utility distribution system and urban infrastructure. It is already known that the construction and erection work will be fully completed by 2020, and the official presentation of the project is dated to the significant international event – Expo 2020.

Dubai on its way to the environmental excellence

The project is based on the wish of the authorities of the Emirate to ensure the ample protection of the environment and preservation of natural resources of the country. Today the large-scale works on the creation of the alternative sources of electric power for the needs of the megalopolis are started. According to the authors of the project, the Smart City in the Dubai megalopolis, in the near future, will be completely independent in terms of electric power supply.

For these purposes it is planned to create the entire network of autonomous solar panels. According to the preliminary estimates, this autonomous electrification system will allow to generate more than 200 Megawatts. Moreover, in order to popularize and to promote to the masses the environmentally friendly and safe transport, the government of the Emirate plans to build the entire network of specialized stations for charging electric cars.

Main technical characteristics of the project

With regard to the functional purpose and the main technical characteristics of this project, several key points can be singled out, in particular:

  • The area which is covered by the project;
  • New megalopolis will be able to house more than 150 thousand inhabitants;
  • It is planned to implement a number of projects that will ensure self-sufficiency of the city in terms of energy and transport supply, and also the resource component;
  • The Smart City project includes the creation of ecological green belt around the perimeter;
  • Specifications will allow to process about 40 thousand cubic meters of water;
  • Special software products are developed and will be applied in order to improve the electronic system of urban communications. In particular, there is a new address system, which will become a basis for improving electronic infrastructure. The launch of this product is expected next year;
  • All the stations of the city subway and bus stops will be equipped with Wi-Fi routers. Moreover, access to the Internet for residents and visitors of the Emirate will be absolutely free.

Additional components of the Dubai Smart City project

Besides, in the framework of the project it is planned to create a unique marine platform that have no analogues in the world. In fact, Dubai Boats Market platform is a specialized market for trading of ships and other marine vehicles. In addition, the project envisages the creation of appropriate social and urban infrastructure for the development of the popular sea sports.

In conclusion, it can be stated with certainty that the government of the Emirate of Dubai has chosen the only right way of development of the megalopolis. After all, it is only the tender care and preservation of the natural environment what makes possible a comfortable existence of man. Who knows, maybe the Dubai megalopolis in particular, will become one of the first on the planet large-scale green and environmental cities.