- Difficulties when receiving residency visa in the UAE

Difficulties when receiving residency visa in the UAE

Difficulties when receiving residency visa in the UAE

UAE is the highly popular and attractive country for business and living. Nowadays practically ninety percent of its population are foreigners from all parts of the world. In general obtaining a residency visa in the UAE is quite straight forward and fast process without any serious obstacles. However, as any other country, it has its certain particulars and potential difficulties. In our review we provide the most common points to consider and the potential problems and formalities which can be faced when applying and renewing residence visas in the UAE.

The first point which may be difficult and confusing is the choice of the type of the residence visa. For investors generally there are two main types of the UAE residence permits – over property and over a company. The choice depends on number of factors whereby each has its pros and contras.

In the event the priority is given to the solution for residence visa over a company, then there are other elements to consider such as which license you need and which free zone to choose. As present these large number of fee zones in the UAE thus the choice, if you do not possess all the info, may be quite difficult and challenging.

Upon decision on the visa type – property visa or over a company, there would be certain procedure to follow to apply for a visa and complete the procedure. Each visa type has certain and definite particulars and to know all such facts in all the details may be truly confusing.

Upon visa residency visa completion as investor you may require resident permits for you family members – and the procedure for it is partially different from the procedure for your visa.

There are also other extremely important points to know when applying and after obtaining the visa to omit any difficulties and problems with the UAE immigration authorities. Such points include, for example, fulfilling clear rules on certain number of days to be spent in the UAE, timely application for the visas renewal, etc.

Consequently, what is the solution to effortlessly resolve all the above listed potential difficulties on the residency visa in Dubai or other emirate of the UAE and have no obstacles on it? The answer is simple – please contact us and we provide the free consultation along with the all-inclusive support for your visa processes and all the related formalities on its application and future renewals.