- Online registration of companies in the UAE

Online registration of companies in the UAE

Online registration of companies in the UAE

In this article, we consider the online registration of companies in the UAE, since potential investors often look for the possibility to open a company remotely and quickly. Also, existing professional law companies outside the UAE that provide corporate services often request information on the details of existing companies in the UAE from registration agents registered in the UAE.

One of the most important factors of the impossibility of remote registering, as well as obtaining any information on existing companies, is the level of confidentiality in the UAE registries. Registries of the companies in the UAE have modern electronic security systems, as well as restrictions on the open access of third parties to registry data. This applies to all electronic registries of companies in the UAE – there are many of those in the country – each FTZ has its own registry, and the mainland firms have its one for each emirate.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the opening of companies in the UAE remotely is also not possible in the common sense, because the registries of Free Economic Zones in the UAE, where companies are registered, as well as registries for companies with licenses to operate in the local territory, do not practice accepting online applications, which must be accompanied by a sufficient number of complementary personal documents of the future owner of the company, which must be provided in the proper format and with original signature. The technical capabilities of registries, purposefully, are created only for storing data and the data of each company owner must comply with generally accepted compliance regulations. Here the key factor is the presence of a registered agent in the UAE, which prepares and provides all the necessary documents and information on the future owner, complying with the regulations. This allows government agencies to establish companies effectively, as well as to take further steps in the course of the company if such are necessary. It also provides registries in Dubai and other Emirates with the additional level of compliance with the regulations, as the registration agent, within the framework of its license, is obliged to verify the authenticity of the documents provided by the customer and his identity through a personal meeting.

In conclusion, the personal presence of the owner of the future company is also necessary, which excludes the possibility of regular online registration, as registries are required, within the framework of standard compliance regulations, to make sure that the customer is who he/she declares himself/herself by submitting personal documents through a registered agent and also does it while being on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, and a confirmation of this is the stamp on the entry of the customer into the territory of the United Arab Emirates.

Summing up, we can say the following – the purchase of a company online in the UAE in the usual sense is not possible since all registries of onshore companies require personal presence. For offshore companies in the UAE, such purchase is possible, but not directly through the registry, but by contacting a registered agent, for example, with our company.