- Where to open a company?

Where to open a company?

Dubai indicators for business–  positive and promisingIf your business is not absolutely linked to a specific location, then surely one wonders where exactly one should set up a company.

The seemingly easiest way to set up a company is in the country where you are located. However, this solution is often not the most ideal for a number of reasons.

There two scenarios, when it comes to the question of where to set up a company.

  1. Your business, essentially, is not bound by having real premises or any other business constituents. Such business can be: international trade, consulting services, copyright ownership etc.

    In this case, one ought to consider setting up a company abroad in form of an offshore company, that is, a company which will not be levied by tax in the place of registration, nor will it be required to submit audit report.

  2. The second scenario is setting up a company for business, for which it is necessary to have real premises, for instance, an office, a warehouse, industrial space etc. Taking into account the world’s globalization, the decrease in logistics’ costs and its increased efficiency as well as the fact of the increased international collaboration amongst various countries, makes it reasonable for even the most static business to set up a branch or consider a complete relocation of the business to another country.

Where to open a company – how to choose a country?

When choosing a country, a plenty of parameters must be considered.  It is especially applicable in the second scenario of setting up a real business.

There is an ever more evident trend of opening the very different types of companies in UAE, whereby those companies are set up for purposes of international optimization without being present in UAE as well as for real business in UAE.

If you also are looking to find out where to set up a company abroad and have not decided on the jurisdiction, yet wish to receive all the details about the advantages for your business in UAE, get in touch with us and we will provide you with a comprehensive information based on your requirments.