- Dubai – Business – Opportunities, Prospects and distinguishing features that are worth knowing

Dubai – Business – Opportunities, Prospects and distinguishing features that are worth knowing

Dubai-Business-Opportunities-Prospects-and-distinguishing-features-that-are-worth-knowingModern metropolis Dubai is associated with fast growth and fast development of all sectors of the economy. It is the place where foreign businessmen can enjoy unlimited opportunities for building highly profitable business. Modern Dubai has grown in the midst of endless desert and has become a symbol of growth of the Middle East.

Ideal conditions for international business attract many international companies specializing in various areas of business to Dubai, holding companies and headquarters of large corporations. This therefore increases the flow of foreign financials into the country and poses greater incentive for further development. Foreign investors have already appraised all such opportunities for business development in Dubai and extensively take advantages of such. In its turn, this leads to even greater results, since companies that enter the market bring other companies as their potential partners and customers.

It is worth mentioning high degree of business prospects in the UAE, facilitated by competent public policy. Government policy is renowned by liberalism towards foreign investors and support of international trade and other business areas such as production, logistics, services, etc. Some of the most significant factors of stability and opportunities include efficient logistics in the country and at the international level, favorable customs and tax climate as well as protection of property rights at the governmental level.

Free trade zones have been designed for establishing profitable business structures in Dubai. Practically all market segments in such free zones enjoy tax exemptions in the UAE. Such segments include, for example:


  • Production
  • Trade
  • Finance
  • Media Technologies
  • Logistics and related services
  • Textile industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Various services for business
  • Construction Industry
  • Medical and Research Centers
  • Production and processing of food
  • Various technologies
  • Outsourcing services

Benefits for business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The benefits that Dubai provides to businessmen can be divided into several main groups:


  • Taxation benefits
  • Infrastructure benefits
  • Energy and labor costs benefits
  • Customs benefits

Special government policy shall be noted  as it provides practical support for almost all types of businesses. This means that, when establishing business in the UAE, and in the course of obtaining various approvals and permits, government is aiming, where applicable, to promptly provide all required approvals and infrastructure.

Business Opportunities in Dubai, the UAE

In fact, taking into account the aforesaid benefits, business formed in the UAE has very good opportunities and prospects for development in the country, in the region and worldwide. With regularity our clients ask which business has the best prospects in the United Arab Emirates. In general, any business direction has good prospects in case of proper structuring and management. In addition, those directions which depend on energy and labor costs and level of customs duties and taxes are characterized by greater benefits for business in the UAE as opposed to business policy in other countries where such benefits are absent or significantly diminished.

Special characteristics of business in Dubai

Due to centuries old country customs, traditions and local mentality, doing business in the United Arab Emirates requires attention to national characteristic features. Your company successful development and lucrativeness depends on your awareness of local religious and cultural traditions. Along with it, business etiquette in Dubai has been designed in compliance with modern international standards and characterized by a mixture of local and international business praxis.

These specifics explain some unhurried style of business, especially at the initial stages. In is worth to note that, if business is really interesting, upon some period of time and closer cooperation with you, local partners begin the phase of active cooperation, bringing clear and attractive business results.