- Account abroad / foreign bank account – in UAE

Account abroad / foreign bank account – in UAE

Where-and-how-to-register-an-offshore-companyAt present, opening an account abroad/foreign bank account is quite an important issue and relevant for natural persons as well as for companies.

Accounts for companies – those can be the companies with their business activity performed beyond the limits of their own country of residence or those which perform financial operations with foreign partners.

There are many large international banks, which have a long-term solid business reputation and a high level of service as well as a extensive range of various banking services.

An account abroad allows using certain financial savings abroad. This can be purchase of equities nominated in foreign currency as well as purchase of other assets. An account abroad provides an opportunity to have a free access to foreign stock exchange and also to investments and capital markets.

According to financial analysts and experts evaluation, more and more companies and businessmen successfully use accounts abroad for their business activity.

An account abroad can be opened for natural persons and legal entities. The requirements for opening a bank account in different foreign banks may slightly vary from bank to bank. In some of them a personal visit is required and in others it is not. The banks also have their own requirements for the minimum account balance and the nature of transactions. The main document for the account opening is your passport, the banks may however ask for an additional set of documents (address or residency confirmation, a bank reference from other bank, etc.) If the account is meant for a company, then a set of corporate documents is required.

In order to avoid any difficulties and your valuable time loss in the process of account opening, you can open an account abroad by using services of specialized companies. As a matter of fact, those companies have been in the market for a longer period of time and have expertise and experience in this area. The qualified specialists will select a suitable foreign bank, which would comply with your needs and business activity. You will receive detailed information on the range of services and bank’s tariffs.

The professional consultants and specialists of our company will make every effort to provide a flawless account opening in a foreign bank. This will allow you to decrease your financial expenses and save time and open an account abroad, which will comply with all your requirements.

Opening an account abroad on your own may take an effort and result in financial expenses. In this situation, the most optimal decision for natural persons and legal entities is to avail services of a specialized company. Our company has the necessary expertise in order to open an account abroad in shortest timeframe and according to all your requirements.

Currently, the most popular country for account opening abroad is the United Arab Emirates. UAE is a highly developing country and for that reason, having an account in this country for natural persons and legal entities is deemed reliable and prestigious. This country provides a wide range of options for bank account opening which is a perfect solution for various business purposes.

Several options and banking institutions in UAE will be offered to you. The choice of a specific bank as well as necessary services depends on the availability of the existing banking services offered by a bank and its suitability to your needs.

An account abroad, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, can be opened in the local banks and many foreign banking institutions widely represented on the domestic banks market of the country. Based on your wishes and requirements you will be offered to open a personal or a corporate account and you will be offered several level of banking services, ranging from a regular to a privileged service.

An account abroad is a very convenient, reliable and quite a favorable solution for contemporary business, acting on the international market or set to enter this market. Opening an account in the United Arab Emirates is particularly favorable. The banking sector of UAE has a proven business reputation. The UAE central bank’s policy is known for its stringent requirements for the financial institutions acting on the country’s territory in terms of their capitalization. Owing to those requirements, the financial institutions, working in UAE are recognized as the most reliable in the world.

There are many additional numerous opportunities provided by UAE banks, amongst those, the option for remotely operating your bank account via mobile communication and internet. The long-term customers have the opportunity of privileges and various advantages offered to them. These clients are provided with services in specifically designated branches and subdivisions of the banking institution. They will be offered a personal bank manager, who will deal and handle all matters related to your account and may even visit your office or home in UAE, if necessary.

Besides, the banks in the United Arab Emirates are known for their reasonable tariffs on their banking services, whereby you will get a full range of the most up-to-date banking services. Clients who would like to open an account abroad in the United Arab Emirates can expect a high level of service, fairly simple requirements for documentation and a high level of loyalty of UAE banks to foreign clients.