- How to register / purchase property in Dubai on a company and why

How to register / purchase property in Dubai on a company and why.

Where-and-how-to-register-an-offshore-companyIn the United Arab Emirates property / real estate purchase is profitable and attractive investment due to a number of reasons. The main reasons for purchasing property in the UAE is affordable prices, exemptions from taxation with regard to income received from property sale and lease and reliable applicable legal base.

Registration / purchase of real estate / property in Dubai can be done on name of an individual person practically without any restrictions with regard to citizenship or residency. At the same time, in case of purchase of real estate, many investors prefer to register such properties on company / legal entity.

Registration of property in Dubai on a company means additional confidentiality relating to owners. In addition, registration of property on company is applied when taking into consideration inheritance aspect, as it is much easier to structure such issue when registering a company in the UAE which, then, is owned by foreign company, for example, in BVI.

Registration / purchase of property in Dubai, UAE is possible only on the particular company type – an offshore company registered in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Generally, property can be registered on the name of a foreign company, but then that such company shall undergo a process of validation of all its incorporation documents by administration of Jebel Ali Free Economic Zone. The costs of such procedure is equal to or even higher than the costs of registration of a new offshore company in Jebel Ali. For this reason, such solution is rarely used and the vast majority, when proceeding with registration of properties in Dubai on a company, opt for a company registered in Jebel Ali .

Our company registers all types of companies in the UAE including offshore companies in Jebel Ali and assists in preparing of all documents required for purchase of real estate on behalf of such company of properties in Dubai.