- Assets / capital protection – solution – Dubai, UAE

Assets / capital protection – solution – Dubai, UAE

Assets-capital-protection-solution-Dubai-UAEIn today’s constantly changing world that has witnessed significant changes in the economies of countries and regions, changes in political systems, various international legislations, changes in business regulations and banks policies, etc., the issue of asset protection and safeguarding of capital has never been more as important as at present.

In this context it is worth considering the opportunities and advantages of Dubai, United Arab Emirates with additional attention. The UAE is primarily characterized by stable economic and political background that provides a solid base for business and investment / capital preservation .

Constantly changing laws of large number of other developed countries, in particular with regard to ownership of assets and capital taxation, cause clear discomfort. From this point of view, Dubai, United Arab Emirates has certain advantages in terms of protection of assets and capital, as the region has historically been marked by tradition of respect to capital and advantageous taxation of capital and assets in the country, even if  the assets owner is the tax resident of the UAE.

Besides, Dubai, the UAE offers exceptional opportunities for assets protection via investment into business or real estate.

In terms of business, investment in the UAE is an attractive tool in terms of cost effectiveness for business due to reasonable cost of energy and labor force and favorable terms of business taxation.

As for protection of assets through investments into real estate in Dubai, UAE is the country that stands out by offering wide range of modern residential and commercial real estate / properties at affordable prices, clear property ownership regulations and highly developed property rental market that provide constant and reliable income.

In addition, Dubai, the UAE provides clear and relatively quick procedure for obtaining residence permit that allows to enjoy the benefits of the status of the tax resident of the country with tax absence of taxation in UAE. The entire procedure for obtaining residence permit can be completed within approximately one month only.

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