- Officially registered agent, offshore companies, Dubai, UAE

Officially registered agent, offshore companies, Dubai, UAE

What is offshore / international companies registered agent

This is the company which must be licensed in UAE, have all the required authorizations and have the special status of the registered agent in the international business companies’ registry. There is only a limited number of companies in Dubai, UAE having such status of the officially registered agent for offshore companies (IBC).

Can I register an offshore company in UAE directly with the companies registry ?

No, the companies’ registry for offshore companies in UAE does not work directly either with client or with other market participants, and all offshore companies in UAE can be incorporated over such agents only.

What qualifications shall the company have

The company shareholders must have the sound professional background and experience in order for the company to receive this status. Moreover the international business company (IBC) must have duly qualified and experienced personnel.

What are other prerequisites for the status of the official registered agent for international business companies?

Apart of the professional qualifications of the company management and personnel, the company must have the necessary business consultancy licenses and the real office premises in UAE with respective technical and other facilities as well as financial strength.

What are the advantages of working with official registered agent

In case you need to register the offshore company for yourself or as the professional market intermediary you have to get in touch with one of the registered agents. Registered agent would incorporate the company at the shortest possible time as well as provide its further administrative support.

Duties and role of the registered agent

  • To request and verify all the customers documents as according to the respective official regulations.
  • To prepare the companies incorporation documents.
  • To verify the identity of the customers and make sure the incorporation documents are duly prepared.
  • To file the company incorporation documents with the registry.
  • To provide the customers with the incorporated company documents as well as any other documents on the company customers may require.
  • To safeguard any and all information – on the companies and the customers.
  • To administer the companies as according to the respective regulations and requirements.
  • To file in the companies registry any and all changes on the companies shareholders and directors structure as well as any other changes.

About us.

Our company with the office in Dubai has the status of the registered agent for offshore companies and provides the service of incorporation and administration of such companies to intermediaries and end consumers.

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