- Residency visa / permit Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Residency visa / permit Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Residency visa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has many advantages and can be obtained in a relatively short period of time. Depending on the configuration of the company, the whole procedure from the date of starting the registration of the company to obtaining such visa can take around one month.

The most straight forward and reliable solution for obtaining the residency visa / permit in Dubai, UAE is over establishment of the company in one of the Free Trade Zones of the Emirates and obtaining the residency visa in the status of the investor means as the company owner or co-owner.

Such residency visa / permit is issued for 3 years and gives the right of the permanent residency in Dubai, UAE. Such visa can be renewed unlimited number of times.

Residency visa in Dubai, UAE, is obtained in the form of a visa sticker in the passport. In addition you will also be required to receive the Emirates Identity Card (Emirates ID) which, since the beginning of 2013, is also referred to as “resident ID card” (Resident ID). This card has the format of a credit card and it has all the main information on its owner. These cards can be used inside the country -instead of passports and other identification documents, and also, in addition to the visa in your passport, is served as the proof of the availability of the residency visa / permit in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE.

It is quite often the case that the companies being registered outside of Dubai are being used to

to obtain such visas / permits. This solution is applied by reason of the lower costs of such companies and, accordingly, lower total costs of the residency visa in the UAE through such companies. In this case, the place of registration of the company and the issuance of the investor visa does not matter, and you can live with such visa in any Emirate of the UAE.

Terms of securing the validity  of such a visa / permit  - entry to the UAE at least 1 time in 180 days. In case of violation of this requirement the UAE residency visa will be blocked and it would be necessary to undergo some certain procedure to recover it.

The residency visa / permit received in Dubai or other Emirates of the UAE also gives the opportunity to receive the residency visas for direct family members – wife  / husband and children under 18 years old.

The presence of a residency visa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates does not entail any additional tax consequences in the Emirates as there are no taxes in UAE for individuals having the status of tax residents in the country.

Our company provides the registration of companies of all types of legal forms in all Emirates of the UAE and obtaining over such companies the residency visas / permits for business owners, their families, and employees of the companies.

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