- Offshore company Ajman

Offshore company Ajman

Offshore AjmanThe Ajman Free Trade Zone, UAE, provides onshore and offshore company registration.

An offshore company in Ajman can be registered only through a registered agent company. Such registered agent can only be a company registered UAE with a real office and qualified personnel in UAE. The shareholders and directors of the registered agent company must also have the necessary qualifications and experience.

An offshore company in Ajman means:

  • No taxes
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No audit report
  • The director and shareholder can be 1 person

Possible business activities – trade, consultancy, holding, investment activity, property ownership, international services, professional services, logistics, marine management, commission agent company, etc.

In order to register an offshore company in Ajman, it is required to personally visit UAE, as the signing of corporate documents must take place in front of the companies register representative.

The signing of all documents for registering a company and opening an account in a bank of UAE take place in one day.

The standard set of documents includes memorandum and articles of association, certificate of incorporation, shareholders and directors registry, share certificate, minutes of the first shareholders and directors meeting.

All documents of an offshore company in Ajman are provided in English language.