- Dubai – advantages of re-export through this country

Dubai – advantages of re-export through this country

Dubai-advantages-of-re-export-through-this-countryThe government of Dubai has declared that  transformation of the UAE into modern international business center, comprising trade and re-export, constitutes its strategic path. Results of such well-thought public policy proved to be successful.

Dubai in international ratings

As it has been noted in the regular report prepared by  Dubai Chamber of Commerce, over the past year GDP grew by 5 %, while the volume of re-exports increased by 8%. The results of studies conducted by international rating agencies show that the percentage of exports and imports in the United Arab Emirates shows steady growth of re-export. In this rating only Hong Kong and Singapore showed better result in comparison to Dubai.

Re-export growth factors

Among main factors contributing to effective international trade include advantageous location of the country and active development of logistics and transportation hubs. Besides, diversification of economy is underway in the Emirates, that also contributes to growth of investments into further development of infrastructure and logistics.

Currently, Dubai international trade relations network includes more than 170 countries, transport communications include more than 120 sea cargo and more than 170 air destinations. Thereby investors are offered a wide range of markets for their products or services.

Benefits and Advantages

Modern transport hubs in Dubai can provide investors and businessmen opportunities for fast and efficient deliveries of any product to any place of destination worldwide. Dubai is of great interest for investors interested in development of the Middle East and African and Asian markets. Every year new production facilities are created given the availability of exceptional transport options. For re-export here you can find all relevant conditions with direct access to sea and air transport communications.

Huge incentive for development of re-export includes friendly customs regime and absence of income tax received in the UAE.

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