- The advantages of a company in the Emirates

The advantages of a company in the Emirates

Дубай Налоги / Налогообложение Дубай, ОАЭEvery aspect of business is vital if one wants to achieve a real success. Every now and then, seemingly insignificant situations and circumstances can either cost your business huge losses or bring a phenomenal profit and success.

A company in the Emirates

The registration of a company is quite a serious issue for the success, and the future of your business largely depends on the location where the company is registered, whereby it is essential to understand the nuances and the nitty-gritty of the procedure of company’s registration and the choice of your company’s type. Those kinds of elements determine the future nature of company’s business.

Our company is pleased to provide its services of company registration in the Emirates. Our managers will take care of everything including the administrative and organizational issues linked to the company registration in the Emirates. Currently, the territory of UAE is very attractive for business. There is a number of companies of diverse natures and specifics registered in the Arab Emirates yearly.


The advantages of a company in the Emirates

  • A company in the Emirates can be owned by a single person or several shareholders
  • Modern infrastructure for commercial activity
  • Opportunity to do business of any nature
  • Opportunity to register a company in the Emirates of any type
  • No limitation on foreign citizens employment
  • No taxes on gained profit
  • No corporate tax
  • 100% foreign citizens capital participation
  • No limitation on repatriation of investment capital
  • No quotes and trade barriers
  • Broad range of possibilities in the banking sector
  • Simplified procedures on import/export of goods
  • Obtainment of a residential visa by means of company registration in the Emirates

These kinds of advantages make the company registration in the Emirates popular and attractive for investors/business people across the world.

A company can be registered in the Free Trade Zone with a 100% foreign ownership of capital. In other words, you do not have to look for a local director or shareholder in order to officially register a company. This is a very important factor, since often there is a misleading understanding that a local partner is mandatory for company registration in the Emirates.

Apart from that, a company in the Emirates can be registered with one director, who can be appointed by you with no limitations on that either. This director does not have to reside in the country.

There are broad possibilities for owners of companies, registered on the territory of UAE, in the banking sector and in the sector of commercial and residential property on the country’s territory, which can be purchased on a company as well as on your name.

The modern Arab Emirates is a very actively developing state, which makes tomorrow certain. Nowadays, all major international companies and banking institutions are present in UAE.

The companies registered in the Emirates are offered vast perspectives and broad opportunities for setting up and expanding the business. One of the significant advantages is the contemporary and highly developed infrastructure. Moreover, the infrastructure is being expanded by a number of new establishments, which boosts the global development.

The country’s government guarantees an entirely safe living environment on its territory, preservation of values and protection of property rights. These characteristics encourage a high number of people wanting to live and work on the territory of UAE. Today, the opportunity to register a company in the Emirates is strongly considered by those businessmen, who look ahead with a clear understanding of plans for future.

The local population of UAE is very friendly to the foreign citizens and intrinsically capable of coexisting with all kinds of religions and ethnicities. At the same time, they strongly value their own culture and respect it. This local mentality has prompted a transformation of a modern Dubai into a cultural and business center.

Current government of the country carries on working on the development of the economy and provision of the most auspicious conditions for the international business, thereby attracting new investors and brings new exciting projects to reality.

If you want to go with the flow and bring your business onto a totally new level, registering a company in the Emirates is the solution that will meet those criteria. Our company can provide a full support starting from the initial information to the company registration completion. You will be provided help and consultation by our professional specialists in this area. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our specialists to get thorough answers to your queries.