- Offshore companies in Dubai , UAE offshore company registration.

Offshore companies in Dubai , UAE offshore company registration.

Our Dubai office specializes in registration of all types of companies in Dubai, UAE including UAE offshore company registration.

If you need offshore company in Dubai – registration of such companies is one of our core areas of expertise. We register noticeable number of such offshore companies in Dubai per month and the process of registration of such companies is organized in the effective and fast way. When you chose the UAE offshore company registration over us your advantages are:

• Your company is registered by us directly in the registry as we have the status of the registered agent for such companies.

• Registration is completed within the shortest time period.

• We provide one of the best prices on the market.

• Confidentiality on all levels is secured by strict internal rules and policies.

• We provide the compete company administration services.

• You have the access to the full range of additional services you may need in relation to UAE offshore company registration such as, for example :

- Bank account openings in UAE and abroad.

- Complete company administration

- Provision of company registered address.

- Documents legalization for other countries, etc.

- Virtual office services.

Offshore companies in Dubai are the effective, cost efficient and popular corporate vehicle for business structuring and tax optimization. It can be effectively utilized by smaller business enterprises as well as the business structuring by larger business. Such UAE offshore company registration can be used as a stand-alone solution as well as part of the large corporate structure as, for example, as shareholder of other companies in UAE and abroad.

Offshore companies in Dubai – advantages:

• 0% tax

• Cost – efficient

• Fast to incorporate

• 100% foreign ownership

• No accounting or audit

Offshore companies in Dubai can do any type of business provided that such business is outside of Dubai. Exceptions on permitted business – banking and insurance are not permitted.

Limitations – such company can not have any real office in United Arab Emirates, neither it is possible to receive UAE residency visas over such company.

UAE Offshore company can have bank account in UAE as well as abroad. Opening account in UAE is the option which is chosen by majority of customers who register such companies. For the ones, who decide to open bank accounts abroad, there is a large choice of foreign banks depending on the required minimum account balance, available banking facilities, bank location, etc.

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