- Dubai strives to become the most visited city in the world

Dubai strives to become the most visited city in the world

Dubai-strives-to-become-the-most-visited-city-in-the-worldIn the Middle East, Dubai is the most popular city, and it has been holding the leading position in terms of attendance by tourists from the region and all over the world. Such results have been made possible due to boosting development of tourism. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by great combination of ancient traditions and modern skyscrapers, as well as by the sea and warm climate.

Tourism center development strategy

In the nearest future, the city of Dubai is planning to achieve the leading position of international ratings in terms of number of visitors and become the largest world tourist destination. It should be noted that currently is leading the rating is London, the number of visitors and tourists of this city have exceeded 16 million.

However, Dubai authorities are confident that they will be able to double in the nearest future the current number of tourists visiting Dubai. Government officials acknowledge that the target is not easy to achieve, but attainable, taking into account that the annual increase in the number of visitors shows sustainable and consistent growth of more than 10 %.

The main strategic target of  Dubai was announced by Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and it involves transformation of the city into the most popular international tourist center among foreign tourists and visitors. The Emirate authorities are planning to accommodate by 2020 more than 20 million visitors.

Contributory factors impacting development

Among the factors contributing to enhanced development of tourism infrastructure, Dubai authorities note the following:

  • Putting into operation the second international air hub
  • Increase of hotel space and construction of new hotel facilities
  • Simplified visa regulations with European countries.

Contemplating  excellent city and tourist infrastructure, the growth of comfort level and numerous entertainment venues one thing can be said with certainty – the fact that by 2020 Dubai will become the most visited place on the planet, casts no doubt.

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